Whimsical statue too close to police memorial, says Syracuse police dept.


Jessica Posner says: I'm a loyal reader, and have recently made a splash in the Syracuse news cycle with my sculpture "Wigged Monument." The Syracuse Police Department is less than pleased with my 11-foot black obelisque topped with a a blonde, flowing wig (imagine the love child of Richard Serra, RuPaul, and Louis XIV). It made the cover of the Ssunday paper, as well as a substantial piece from the local Syracuse CBS syndicate.

Michael J. Marcely, president of the Syracuse & Central New York Police Retirees Association, complained about putting the work next to the Police Memorial in a letter published Wednesday in The Post-Standard. He called the piece a "monstrosity."

"It is an insult to (the memory of Wallie Howard) as well as the memories of the other nine fallen heroes," he added, asking the city "to remove this abomination to a more appropriate location."

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