Handlebars as flute


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  1. adamnvillani says:

    I saw a documentary once about Cambodian refugees where one monk/flutist told of how the Khmer Rouge were going to let him live if he could play music for them, but he didn’t have a flute. So he took a bicycle and fashioned a flute out of it, and he played it, and (obviously) they let him live.

  2. Wingo says:

    Whoa – that is fascinating. I’m still fuzzy on how he achieves the overtones, but that is seriously cool.

  3. Wally B says:

    Extremely cool. Just… wow.

  4. otherthings says:

    Aw yeah! I saw him do this live at the Odeon a couple of months ago, at the Monsters of Accordion show. Growden’s an amazing talent!

  5. doktor tchock says:

    darn, i was totally hoping that it would have to utilize the wind while biking to be played.

    still awesome.

  6. moustache says:

    Although I’ve been beaten to it twice over, I feel compelled to point out Zappa’s fantastic “Bicycle Concerto” on the Steve Allen Show. Some of the best awkward TV footage ever, not to mention a fantastically rare and early display of experimentation.


    Mark definitely rocks the handlebars though. Well done on his part!

  7. Doctor Popular says:

    This would be a great spot to see/hear more bicycle related music. My friend Meredith, from SteamPunkWorkshop, built a bicycle guitar instrument that plays while you ride. Here is her concept sketch http://www.flickr.com/photos/satiredun/298399996/
    I can’t find any audio/video though.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A very young Frank Zappa playing a bicycle on the Steve Allen Show…


  9. Ghede says:

    Goddamnit. I’m beginning to regret ever hearing that song. No, not the handlebar solo. While I was watching/reading/seeing this, all I could think was “I can play my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars”

  10. Brookelynn23 says:

    I love how he explains the traditional concepts that clearly inspire his innovative style! This is a great video.

  11. sammich says:

    LOL – Puts me in mind of when my kids, at Glastonbury (’95 I think), insisted on going to see the Saw Doctors, only to be disappointed thet they weren’t playing saws…

  12. guvnor says:

    It’s always a thrill to hear Mark Growden play when he passes through Sacramento.

    It’s a shame to hear about 12 Galaxies though… seems like the half-life of decent venues is getting shorter and shorter. (On the other hand, there’s never any shortage of sports bars with enormous flat-panel plasma screens mounted on every available surface)

  13. Icky Bob says:

    Nice to know we can find something to make music with after the apocalypse…

    Someone saw Mark at the Odeon a couple months ago? Strange, chicken shut that place down a few years back.

    Must mean 12 galaxies back in August. That place is shut down now too…

  14. ctp says:

    YAY Mark!!!

    And 12 Galaxies closed??? Sheesh, where have I been?

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