Handlebars as flute

Over at Laughing Squid, guestblogger Doctor Popular posted a video he shot of accordionist and experimental musician Mark Growden playing a haunting tune on a set of handlebars. Mark Growden plays the handlebars


  1. Whoa – that is fascinating. I’m still fuzzy on how he achieves the overtones, but that is seriously cool.

  2. darn, i was totally hoping that it would have to utilize the wind while biking to be played.

    still awesome.

  3. I love how he explains the traditional concepts that clearly inspire his innovative style! This is a great video.

  4. Nice to know we can find something to make music with after the apocalypse…

    Someone saw Mark at the Odeon a couple months ago? Strange, chicken shut that place down a few years back.

    Must mean 12 galaxies back in August. That place is shut down now too…

  5. Although I’ve been beaten to it twice over, I feel compelled to point out Zappa’s fantastic “Bicycle Concerto” on the Steve Allen Show. Some of the best awkward TV footage ever, not to mention a fantastically rare and early display of experimentation.

    Mark definitely rocks the handlebars though. Well done on his part!

  6. Goddamnit. I’m beginning to regret ever hearing that song. No, not the handlebar solo. While I was watching/reading/seeing this, all I could think was “I can play my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars”

  7. LOL – Puts me in mind of when my kids, at Glastonbury (’95 I think), insisted on going to see the Saw Doctors, only to be disappointed thet they weren’t playing saws…

  8. It’s always a thrill to hear Mark Growden play when he passes through Sacramento.

    It’s a shame to hear about 12 Galaxies though… seems like the half-life of decent venues is getting shorter and shorter. (On the other hand, there’s never any shortage of sports bars with enormous flat-panel plasma screens mounted on every available surface)

  9. I saw a documentary once about Cambodian refugees where one monk/flutist told of how the Khmer Rouge were going to let him live if he could play music for them, but he didn’t have a flute. So he took a bicycle and fashioned a flute out of it, and he played it, and (obviously) they let him live.

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