Fan-readings from my essay collection "Content"


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  1. Catmother says:

    Cry, y r lwys tlkng bt yr wrtng!

    ‘sp wt dt, y?

    slf-prmtnng s nt ky!

  2. Catmother says:

    Let the record note: I disemvowelled that myself, because it was a fun meta-crappy joke to do!

  3. John H. says:

    Is the metacrap one the essay in which you finally snap over the incredible snark levels directed towards Boing Boing from the direction of Metafilter, and go after the place with a blowtorch?

  4. Kabur Naj says:

    Actually, I kinda thought he was also promoting my fan-boy work. Y’know grass-roots “making” and stuff.

  5. DoppelFrog says:

    I hate to say it… But if it’s Cory’s blog then he can do all the self-promotion he wants. That doesn’t mean that we to have to like it of course.

  6. Alys says:

    Thanks Jan! I appreciate the extra content for my iPod :)

    (and Cory, I quite agree – Jan’s a great reader.)

  7. lysdexia says:

    In “When the Singularity is More than a Literary Device” there is a reference to a computer “waking up” in Heinlein’s “The Man Who Sold the Moon”. It is later referred to as “Mike”. Please flay me with scorn if I’m mistaken, but Mike appeared in “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”. Is that a mistake from an earlier edition of the essay?

    Awesome reading of this collection BTW!

  8. Kabur Naj says:

    At the risk of sounding like Sarah Palin: Gosh, aww shucks!

  9. Kabur Naj says:

    A small point of clarification: there are six essays there now, but more will be uploaded as I complete them. I plan to finish the whole book.


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