Batman vs. The Penguin: The Debate

The more things change... (Thanks, Liz!)


  1. They are both imposters! At 2:18 you can clearly see both Obama and McCain tied up in the back room.

  2. damn, what’s dick cheney doing debating batman? and why did he ever stop wearing that fly top hat and monocle?

  3. He says “My friends” just like McCain … someone needs to dub this over some debate footage.

  4. The penguin is a perfect choice, as McCain is certainly not the Joker he thinks he is.

    But the election is not just in Gotham. It is also in Metropolis.

  5. Sad. Neal Hefti, who composed the Batman theme song, died last Saturday.

    Tangentially, the Penguin brings up a good point; Who is the real Batman?

  6. Brings back fond memories from the orgininal show. And the Dick Cheney impersonation by Burgess Meredith is spot on.

  7. Absolutely brilliant.

    No Mudslinging.
    Guilt by association.
    Accreditation by association.
    Evil enthusiastic fans that cannot be helped.

    Obama may as well put on his Batman outfit now.

  8. Dvd Lttrmn < hrf=">grlld Jhn McCn n th Lt Shw!!

  9. That’s the best thing BB has posted on the great debate. Brilliant. And Chinese Jet Pilot’s link is a humdinger too!

  10. Heh, the mayor and the police chief watch TV by standing one behind the other.

    As with TDS, the comedy shows reflect reality better than the newscasts, even back in the 60s.

  11. Wow, the similarity is uncanny. It is just sad that some people are actually taken by this crap.

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