Amputee ballet

"She Without Arm, He Without Leg" is a ballet performed by Chinese dancers Ma Li and Zhai Xiaowei who are both amputees. Videos of their elegant performance and interviews with the pair are available on YouTube. Amputee ballet (Thanks, Kirsten Anderson and Uncle Kenny!)


  1. I saw this video a couple months ago and it is absolutely amazing! It opened my eyes to ballet as an expressive medium. Never much cared for it prior to this.

  2. jacoboy, you’re going straight to hell for that comment . . . and so am I ‘cuz I laughed so hard I shot coffee out my nose!

  3. reminds me of body_remix by Marie Chouinard, except of course the dancers in that weren’t actually amputees

  4. Definitely brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for the link!

    (on a lighter note, there’s also this guy and his awesome moves. He makes me want to get up and dance!)

  5. I love this…although I have to say something: if this guy can do ballet with one leg, what excuse do I have not to do, well, anything?

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. The moves he made with that crutch really awed me. His balance is also impeccable.

    This especially hit home for me because I have a bad leg and require the use of either a cane, crutches, or wheelchair (depending on the situation). Before I got hurt, I danced ballet for a few years. Maybe I should try it again?

  7. Wow, that was incredible and moving! They are both amazing dancers, regardless of the number of limbs they have.

  8. Question – Does the audience normally clap at ballet? I haven’t been to one in a long time. It just seems odd – like clapping at an Opera mid-scene like it’s a circus. I seriously son’t know….

  9. @12
    No, it’s generally poor form to applaud in the middle of a performance. But I believe this was more of a vignette; an exhibition of skill.

    That said, I thought it was beautiful. The entire performance was nicely choreographed and tasteful. I liked how it seemed to end on a happy note. I was particularly impressed with the man’s grace. Not to say the lady wasn’t graceful, but I’ve never seen anyone make a simple crutch appear elegant like that. Beautiful.

  10. The crutch seemed more to me like- a rope, used to draw the woman nearer- a top-hatted dancer’s cane- it was a beautiful prop, but oh his balance!

    I was particularly impressed with the man as well.

    I fall down stairs for no reason whatsoever, and I have two mostly well-assembled legs. I am shamed.

    Just kidding. Oh god that made me teary.

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