Meat art show

Meat After Meat Joy is a meat-themed group art exhibition that just opened at Daneyal Mahmood Gallery in New York City. The show features photographs, sculpture, and multimedia pieces that use, or comment on, "raw meat, the concept of meat, its symbolism and viscera." Seen here, Zhang Huan's "My New York" (Performance Whitney Biennial, 2002). From the show description:
Zangmeattttt Meat After Meat Joy brings together the work of contemporary artists who use meat in their work... in order to investigate the paradoxical relationship meat has to the body. Meat combines flesh, skin, muscle, organs, blood - each with its own relationship to the body, yet meat's only reference to the body is as a once-upon-a-time living biological thing. By putting these artists together, the exhibition seeks to investigate the uncanny effect meat as a medium is for artist and viewer. This is not a show about meat as spectacle but about meat as signification, precisely because meat does not signify (a body) but its very annihilation...
Meat After Meat Joy


  1. Pic reminds me of Carl from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie after he got his skin ripped off and Dr. Wierd stole his muscles.

  2. Zhang Huan’s work is amazing! I just caught his work at the Vancouver Art Gallery last month and on top of the meatsuit, he does these amazing busts of monks out of ash. It was really incredible.

  3. I saw photo exhibit of works by Zang Huan (pictured above) at the Vancouver Art Gallery last month. I have to admit that I felt the “Meatsuit” was one of the highlights. :-)

  4. Oh good, so now animals die not to even provide nourishment for people, but to be made into art.


    Morally I kinda find this th equivalent of hunters who chop off deer heads and stick em on the wall, even tho the artists aren’t doing the killing themselves.

  5. I clicked the link and there was a pair of skinned nuts hanging on a hook. Don’t say that you haven’t been warned.

  6. Patron: “I very much like this piece here, and would like to purchase it. . . how much is it?”

    Artist: “A pound of flesh.”

  7. I always loved Carollee Schneeman’s Meat Joy. It is great to see it have continued life some 44 years later.

    For those complaining on the basis of the animals, they were already dead and butchered. Stopping art like this isn’t going to save a single creature, in fact pieces like this will generally only go to further the idea of not slaughtering animals if only by making meat less appetizing to some.

  8. Meat is just the next shock art element to grab attention. Sex and religion have already been spent of their shock value. Meat is on deck. Actually since Damien Hirst, the biggest proponent of shock over quality has been using meat for years so really even meat is probably already passe’. Controversy is easy, talent takes work.

  9. But properly done controversy is quite a bit more difficult than just mechanical talent. You got to work hard to be controversial and talented.

    *thibbbbtt* (sticks out tongue)

    Don’t assume that shock and confrontation are not a result of talent.

  10. @ 22 Meat isn’t on deck, Meat Joy took place in 1964, it is already long past its moment as a shock element. IMO, it wasn’t really a shock element back then either. You seem overly dismissive. There is a lot of talent on display in many of these works.

  11. Yeah. Sometimes controversy is a result of being brilliant, not the sole aim of an artistic endeavor.

  12. although wasteful, this art could be seen as a protest of the overly-carnivorous industrial food culture. I find this interesting and measurably less wasteful than operating one fast-food restaurant for one day.

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