Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train art

 Images Barker Oil5 Next Sunday, splatterpunk pioneer Clive Barker will show his original concept paintings for the film Midnight Meat Train and other work at Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago. Barker will be at the gallery from 2 to 5pm. Fortunately, the delightful work is also available for viewing online. Seen here, "Kiss Curl Carlotti" (24" x 24", oil on canvas).
Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train art (Thanks, Dominic Paul Moore!)


  1. Gilbert Anonymous here:
    Wow! I’m sure Clive Barker has no artistic training, so he’s a talented primitive. His work looks amazingly like Clark Ashton Smith’s, who was an artist and sculptor as well as a fabulous fantasy author.

  2. Okay, knock it off. You cannot attached the suffix “punk” to any word. There is not such thing as a splatterpunk.

    (Aww shit, checking wikipedia it seems there actually is.)

    Please stop.

    Or everything becomes whateverpunk. Wearing kahki’s? Chinopunk. Drinking water? H2Opunk. Eating a plum? Prunepunk.

  3. It is a travesty that this film did not receive a proper cinema release. Ryuhei Kitamura and Clive Barker going straight to dvd, it’s ridiculous. Absolute crap like Prom Night got a release. And why isn’t Kitamura’s name more prominently displayed on any of the trailers?

  4. That’s funny. I ran right off to wikipedia just now to look up splatterpunk. I think it is a fabulous word…. but the definition not so much. Usually I can’t go in for gore of any kind. Anything in the horror genre gives me nightmares. But some of these paintings look like they could decorate a nursery. Or a tarot deck… Very nice.

  5. I didn’t invent “splatterpunk.” In fact, I think I first heard the word like 17 years ago when Barker was interviewed in the bOING bOING print zine.

  6. I just saw Sion Sono’s “Strange Circus” last weekend. Does anybody here know why the dad talks about an accordeon musician from the 1930’s named Clive Barker?

  7. >WOLFIESMA “But some of these paintings look like they could decorate a nursery”

    most of the painting clive does deals his Aborot sp? books for children. he paints first then writes the stories off what came to mind in his painting, he has said that is how all his stories come about, he a cool guy, genuinely nice guy.

  8. I saw the MMT film at Montreal’s Fantasia festival, and although I am not really a horror film fan, it was well done! It certainly deserved a much wider release!

    As for Splatterpunk, well that word is almost as old a Cyberpunk…a term that is starting to sprout grey hairs! :-)


  9. Hurr. Another “-punk” I had no desire to know about.

    Well, regardless I love the hell out of Barker. That particular image looks straight out of his series “Abarat”, which is glorious as all hell.

  10. I hate to do this, but I have to nitpick something: I don’t think that’s all for Midnight Meat Train, despite what the gallery site says. The painting featured in this post is from the Abarat series, and I can recognize a couple other paintings in the gallery as being Abarat related (The Stitchlings Howl and Finnegan Bathing are the ones that jumped out at me). So, really, it’s just a Clive Barker art-in-general show.


  11. I’ve rarely seen a worse ending to a horror movie than Midnight Meat Train. Fix the ending, and maybe you’d have a decent ripper film.

  12. I’m a big fan of the Abarat books, but really would like him to finish them instead of making splatterpunk movies. He’s been writing book 3 for 4 years now and it’s already over 1000 pages, he says. And there’s supposed to be 5 books. Disney already optioned them for movies.

    I think we need a different suffix for things than punk.

    Why not splatterjazz? Steamska… Cyberpop…

  13. A Clive art show?! Awesome! Of course, nowhere near me…

    Wait… Midnight Meat Train was made into a movie?! Decent story, but not really ideal movie material from what I remember.

    #15: actually, well before the first book came out i’d heard that disney basicly hired him to write a bunch of YA books so that they could make movies based on them.

  14. ANONMYMOUS #13, that’s why I wrote, “concept paintings for the film Midnight Meat Train *and other work.*” : )

  15. Yes, it does sound like one of those titles that could be the porn version of a regular movie.

    I used to really love Clive Barker. I may have to re-investigate him.

  16. > And why isn’t Kitamura’s name more prominently displayed on any of the trailers?

    Because no one knows who he is. Even in Japan, he’s mostly known for making the least attended Godzilla movie since 1974 (Godzilla: Final Wars), and making one good work-for-hire movie (Azumi). Beyond that, he’s only of cult interest.

  17. Clive Barker, as an author, is decent. Unfortunately his films are another thing. I think his hype was built up far too much after Stephen Kings famous quote: “I’ve seen the future of horror, and his name is Clive Barker.” Hellraiser and, to some extent, Candyman, certainly made us feel that way, but after that, much of his work in film just fell flat, filled with good ideas that ultimately went nowhere. Nightbreed was one of those. Underworld, Rawhead Rex, Lord of Illusions, and now Midnight Meat Train (change the ending!). No thanks.

  18. angelsvsanimals #28
    I forgot he did Rawhead Rex. And Nightbreed WANTED to be awesome, which hints at really good characterizations… but then fell flat like you said. I did like the style of the movie, but meh. Forgettable.

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