(BBtv) John Hodgman: More Information Than You Require. This is not a book trailer, part 2.

Author, minor television personality, and Boing Boing guestblogger John Hodgman returns to BBtv for more heretofore unrevealed spoilers from his large new book of fake knowledge, MORE INFORMATION THAN YOU REQUIRE.

In today's episode, we answer questions posed by Boing Boing tv fans via The Twitter, including one from Annalee Newitz of i09 blog which pertains to the subject of nude self-portraits.

You really should watch this episode all the way to the end, for a special surprise awaits you there.

Here are previous Boing Boing tv episodes featuring Mr. Hodgman.


  1. RE: The analytical chart:

    What occurred in Mr. Hodgman’s life around the 2nd to 3rd week of December 2007 to precipitate such a drop in his likelihood to be in flagrante?

  2. That book looks delicious. Tell me, is that a hint of burnt sienna seasoning on page 64, or just paprika?

  3. #4 Some book stores broke street date and I picked up the book yesterday. After roasting and consuming the book, I can confirm that the 64th page of the book is seasoned with paprika and a hint of burnt sienna. I say the 64th page, rather than page 64, since due to a space-time anomoly, the numbering of the pages in this book begins in the 260 range and ends around pi.

    Page 361 was particularly delicious with a dash of garlic salt and some rosemary. I found the pages in the 400 range to be slightly bitter, but goes well with a nice white wine.

  4. #6- that’s excellent to know. I was unaware that the book should be roasted- I usually prefer to stir-fry with venison. I’ll keep that in mind, though. I assume it’s juicy enough that it won’t dry out much? Or will I need to baste it?

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