Driver of damaged car pretends nothing is wrong

When my car acts up, I try to ignore it, hoping it will fix itself. (And it sometimes does!) The driver of this car shares my sense of optimism in spades. I hope it works out for him. (Via Arbroath)


  1. And he’s not driving that slowly…

    And as an aside, letting your car “fix itself” does not work… ever. If the symptoms of a problem happen to subside, that does not mean you aren’t causing more damage to it from neglect.

    This – not dishonesty – is what usually racks up bills at the mechanic when they say, “By the way, your xxxx is busted and needs replacing” after you go in for an oil change.

  2. This is probably in france, the guys filming were french that’s sure…anyway there must be some insider info on this because I don’t believe someone is actually stupid enough to drive this mess…probably a joke or something…

  3. A good Mercedes will surround the driver in a shell of quiet perfection, such that road noise, engine noise, frame scraping the ground, etc.. are unnoticeable. In my experience they are also magnets for expensive collision damage, especially while parked or otherwise in proximity to lesser vehicles.

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  5. I would LOVE to know the background story on this. One commenter thought it must be a joke. It seems too ridiculous not to be, but this day and age, people do some strange crap on the road when they’re in a rage.

    It’s gotta be road rage fueling this.

  6. I have seen this phenomenom before. Woke up at 3 AM to the sound of a devil shrieking. Went out on the balcony and Volvo was pulling over in front of our building. His rear tire was shredded, and he’d been scraping all the way down the block. He got out, examined it, spotted the trouble, took a piss, and wandered off. A few minutes later he came back and screeched off, gouging tracks in the street. White smoke billowed out from under his hood and enveloped the whole block. You could hear him six blocks away. Obviously it was an ugly divorce and the wife was getting the car.

  7. Hey, Enormo and Phikus, have you forgotten that shots at presidential (and VP) candidate are off-limits outside of explicit presidential candidate threads?

  8. Funny, but an irresponsible abuse of public roads. The driver damages the pavement and threatens others’ safety. The cameraman did exactly the right thing, though, by filming it and uploading it to YouTube.

  9. I guess I’m just more suspicious than average — my first thought was “someone’s sure determined to make tracks away from the other vehicle they hit”. :(

  10. Oops, I didn’t know there was a restriction on candidate posts in non-election topics. Sorry.

    Still funny though. ;)

  11. Assuming that’s front wheel drive, I’m amazed the driver is able to: go so fast, go straight, steer the car at all.

    Also, I’m probably exaggerating slightly the actual risk, but producing sparks like that in proximity to a big tank of gasoline seems additionally dangerous.

  12. It’s rear wheel drive.

    I was staying with friends in Portland a month or so ago, went out to do some grocery shopping, and as I’m pulling in to their parking lot, an older Jeep Cherokee is pulling in behind.

    It had one front wheel obviously very bent (wobbling comically), the roof rack was crushed and partly hanging off the car, the windshield was smashed, looked like the thing had just rolled off a cliff. A fairly well-dressed person was stepping out, holding a handkerchief to his bleeding forehead. He just casually walks in to the building as if everything were cool. I was going to ask him if he wanted help, but he seemed pretty in-control and was gone before I could say anything.

  13. people respond differently to trauma. Some big babies throw themselves on the ground after only a small calibre bullet wound, some go sniveling off to the hospital with a minor compound fracture. Quite likely this was some weakling nonagenarian, dazed from the initial impact of accident and contemptibly unable to accept the fact of a few splintered bones, driving on pretending it didn’t happen. You know the type.

  14. #26 – It’s a rear wheel drive mercedes.
    I’m very impressed at the quality of the graphics. I hope to pick up this game when it comes out.

  15. Whoa. Internet researchers, please tell me that this person is in jail. Driving a car that impaired is hugely negligent.

  16. Is the driver a demon? If so, look out, the end of the world is nigh or something like that.

    (“Your car is on fire.”)

  17. I’m going with something like road rage. I guess it’s a good thing for him that it’s a RWD car. Too bad if he needed to swerve right to avoid something, though. But then, again left turns don’t seem to work out for this guy, either.

  18. The cameraman did exactly the right thing, though, by filming it and uploading it to YouTube

    “Exactly”? I’m not convinced. Or are you being sarcastic?

    A person continuing to drive after having had a collision severe enough to cause damage like that is clearly a menace and an enormous hazard. Driving anywhere near that vehicle while it’s in motion is a bad idea and driving in formation like that is just asking to be the next victim.

    And to that, the camera operator compounds the danger by shooting out of an open door.

    “Exactly the right thing” would be to phone the police to report the driver, and possibly trail the vehicle at a safe distance (at least several seconds behind) to provide updated position reports should the police have trouble finding them.

    Sorry if I missed some attempt at a joke here; I admit, when it comes to highway safety, I don’t have much of a sense of humor. There’s too much inherent danger ignored by far too many drivers (including all the principals in this video) for something like this to be funny.

  19. What? They’re yelling at the Benz, trying to get it to stop. If it freaks you out that much, you’re not drinking nearly enough before you get in your car.

  20. Looks like the good old UK to me, it’s a dual carriageway, lights and plates look British, dunno bout the French? maybe it’s a dirty conspiracy designed to besmirch our world renowned driving expertise.

  21. i’m sure he was trying to drive it to a shop for repair, or back to his house…anyone with a license shouldn’t be that stupid.
    have you checked the price of getting towed lately?
    i’ve certainly driven a car with smoke pouring out the hood for a few miles to attempt the delivery by myself. as long as it doesn’t do more serious damage to the car, then it’s an economic decision one has got to make! i’m sure he already knew he would need a new tire…i just hope things worked out for his axle~

  22. I can’t believe you’d *loan* me your car without telling me it had a blind spot. I could’ve been killed!
    I spilled beer all over when that car smashed into me. Who’s gonna pay my cleaning bill?

  23. I think there should be a guy in the car. And that guy is smiling and giving the thumbs up. And the car has it’s wheel smashed but the smashed wheel is just a metaphor for someone related to the guy who is causing him problems… but the guy is ignoring the problems and driving forward like nothing is wrong. Let’s see who can that guy and other person be?

    Maybe Britany Spears is the guy and Kfed is the car with the smashed wheel? Or Israel is the guy and Palestine is the car with the smashed wheel. Or Alec Baldwin is the guy and Kim Basinger is the car with the smashed wheel.

    Hmmm… I wonder who else could be in the car and who else could be represented by the car and the smashed wheel. Someone timely and relevant. Hmmm… I just can’t think of anyone.

  24. have you checked the price of getting towed lately?

    Buy AAA coverage and they’ll tow you up to 100 miles.

  25. I think there should be a guy in the car. And that guy is smiling and giving the thumbs up. And the car has it’s wheel smashed but the smashed wheel is just a metaphor for someone related to the guy who is causing him problems… but the guy is ignoring the problems and driving forward like nothing is wrong. Let’s see who can that guy and other person be?

    Ben Bernanke? I’m pretty sure he’s of the “just drive faster and it’ll all work out” school of thought.

  26. Every chance,
    every chance that I take
    I take it on the road
    Those kilometres and the red lights
    I was always looking left and right
    Oh, but I’m always crashing
    in the same car

    Jasmine, I saw you peeping
    As I pushed my foot down to the floor
    I was going round and round the hotel garage
    Must have been touching close to 94
    Oh, but I’m always crashing
    in the same car

  27. The only thing that could make this better is a cop pulling the car over and saying, “Do you know how fast you were going?”

  28. i’ve got a particularly tatty old 123 series estate. i just have a feeling that it wouldn’t notice if this happened.

  29. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a couple cars on COPS catch on fire after doing the exact same thing.

  30. @39: THINK, MCFLY, THINK! ;)

    (also possibly a good thing to be yelling at the driver, while knocking on his head.)

  31. Staged, of course; camera crews don’t show up that conveniently. Which means they probably knew exactly what they were doing and what they could get away with, and there may have been more alterations to the vehicle than the obvious crash damage.

    I hope they paid the city for chewing up the road surface.

    Yeah, I know, I’m a grump. But I’m underimpressed.

  32. It looks like someone who is doggedly chasing someone else down, or running like hell to get away.

    #9 I also saw something like this once-I was passed on the highway by someone with one rim scraping the road, sparks flying. On his face a frozen mask of hate/horror.

  33. Wow — didn’t get a chance to see the footage til now, that’s a lot worse than I imagined.

    A few years ago my brother and I encountered a guy at a gas station who was driving around on one tire and three bare rims. We tried to point out how incredibly dangerous this was, but due to his poor English and/or impairment all he gave us in response was “okay, thank you, bye bye”, and, scraping sparks past the gas pumps, he pulled out onto the street like Bambi on ice. We followed him through Carytown, stopping at one point to ask a parked cop to have this guy pulled over before he kills someone (yes — we had to ask). By the time we caught up with the driver again he’d plowed into some parked cars and had a trooper’s Maglite shining in his face.

    But gosh, right up til that point, you sure had to admire the guy’s optimism. :-/

  34. @57 You’re kidding right? Camera crew? Underimpressed is a pretty cool word too.

    I’ve seen this before, but it was just the blown out rear tire on a FWD. The guy had sparks flying everywhere, which was even more a spectacle at night. There was an empty two car distance around this guy in every direction thankfully, but this was in the age before cell phones so everyone was just hoping the person on the off ramp was headed to a phone.

  35. I’m a retired cop and this is not as uncommon as you might think. Every time I’ve seen something like this, alcohol was involved.

  36. it’s hard to tell, but it looks like the hazard lights are on. the driver obviously has the situation well in hand.

  37. Fleeing the scene of a hit and run?

    Seems likely given the sort of damage and the fact that they just keep driving and causing more and more damage.

    You’ve either got to be dumber than a box of handicapped rocks, inebriated beyond comprehension, or running scared to do that kind of thing… at least to a car you own and will have to fix.

  38. Why was #7 disemvowelled?

    Also – it seems to me that the people in the car driving alongside doing the filming were pretty nuts themselves. I would not want to be anywhere NEAR that Merc. I mean – if a corner came up, and the guy tried to turn, who knows what is going to happen at that speed? Anyone who is alongside is going to get wiped out too. Crazy people, without the ability to imagine what distorted metal does to human flesh.

  39. “Richard, what did you do?!?”

    Was this guy fleeing the scene of some crime. I don’t know why anyone would think that it’s going to be ok to just keep driving, especially a mercedes-benz, after they’ve completely trashed the front end. Stupid people.

  40. I thought Merc’s had magnesium wheels? That would have made the clip if the wheels themselves lit up with a blue-white flame.

    Still, it held its alignment rather nicely.

  41. Once a guy ran his car off the curve into the woods across from our house at night. When we got there, the car was pointed down an incline, front end wrapped around a tree, and he was standing outside the car. “Can you help me pull my car out so I can go home?” I don’t remember whether there was blood.

    He was drunk, but people in shock can tune out the situation and pain, get single-minded and do scary things.

    wikipedia entry

  42. I must be old, because a “Merc” to me is a Mercury.

    Are you pronouncing it murk, to rhyme with jerk, or murse, like nurse?

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