Googlephone unboxing photos


5 Responses to “Googlephone unboxing photos”

  1. Modusoperandi says:

    Oh boy. A phone. Colour me apathetic.

  2. HarshLanguage says:

    While I share Xeni’s enthusiasm for Android, which I assume is why this was posted, the web doesn’t need more “unboxing” pics or vids. It’s become just another step of the PR cycle for hyped gadgets, and that PR cycle already has PLENTY of support from Engadget/Gizmodo/etc. BBG has mostly avoided them, to its credit, but yet here’s a particularly pedestrian example on the main blog.

  3. Roadkillkid says:

    What is this… Engadget? I’m surprised you didn’t say that Blurrycam had struck again.

  4. SlyBevel says:

    Well that was pretty damned meh.

  5. cstatman says:

    i really want one of these. I think its super cool, however, I cannot seem to figure out Verizon (my carrier) policies

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