BBtv: John Hodgman slashfic chartporn

A number of Boing Boing tv viewers asked for a higher-rez still of the Hodgman slashfic chartporn, a disturbing piece of fan-art which appears at the end of today's episode. And here you are: hi-rez image. Previously: (BBtv) John Hodgman: More Information Than You Require. This is not a book trailer, part 2.


  1. I also demand a sultry calendar be made of Hodgman. Can you make that happen, Xeni? The holidays are coming and it would be swell for gift giving!

  2. Some suggestions for John Hodgman for the title of his next book, and some subjects:

    * Pure Knowledge Contained in Pagebound Form
    * Abstract Reasoning You Can Mince
    * Factitious And Fractious Factoids
    * Information You Can Use (For A Reasonably Tolerant Definition of ‘Use’)

    Potential subjects this putative volume could elaborate upon:
    * The Hobo Pluralization Wars
    * Why Mole-Men hate Hobo(e)s, but not Vice Versa
    * The Garden Gnome Conspiracy (It’s Not What You Think)
    * Thirty-One Reasons Why (For When An Inquisitive Child Asks (‘Why?’)
    * How to Drive Your Car Into a Ditch
    * The Coming Ninja-Pirate Alliance of 2023
    * Why Doctors Don’t Diagnose People With The Vapours Any More

  3. @Xeni “Hussein” Jardin

    Yep, I can tell that someone added the chain around his neck in MS Paint. Sometimes it takes the eye of an expert…

  4. His glasses have *obviously* been photoshopped in. This sort of stuff is really insulting our intelligence and is not the sort of serious highbrow analytics we all expect from BoingBoing.

  5. I would also like to demand a sultry pinup calendar of Mr. Hodgman, with one addition: that he be depicted riding the “I’m a Mac” guy like a pony in at least one of the photos. That is all.

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