Adele Lack's micropaintings


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  1. ornith says:

    I find a certain irony in the instruction to “click the images above to see them larger”.

  2. Bunt says:

    Perhaps it should be noted that “Adele Lack” is a fictional character from Charlie Kaufman’s new film, “Synecdoche, New York”.

  3. Jack says:

    In this economy, I don’t think it’s wise to cut in on the magnifying glass market.

    Piss one of those magnifying glass salesmen off and before you know it, they are using a magnifying glass to slowly burn a hole in the back of your head.

  4. David Pescovitz says:

    BUNT @1, Yes, I suppose I should note that directly in the post. It’s part of the whole thing. : )

  5. Sekino says:

    Looks great. But I don’t find the sneak preview pictures when I follow the link, only a short article and a single image on top. Is there a bigger image gallery?

  6. David Pescovitz says:

    SEKINO @3, The clickable images are at the top of my post. I clarified.

  7. JamesJean says:

    Adele Lack = Alex Kanevsky in miniature!

    His work can be found at

  8. Jonathan Wells says:

    Also should be noted that the Montalban is right around the corner from the ArcLight Hollywood one of the theaters where “Synecdoche, New York” opens this Friday. Makes for a fun post-film experience.

  9. Pipenta says:

    Hanging them on the wall to display them seems pointless. The gallery should have had a series of microscopes so people could actually see the paintings.

  10. morcheeba says:

    I worked at a company that made tiny LCD screens for viewfinders and projectors, so I can relate to these images pretty well – they are about the same size!

  11. postliteracy_dot_org says:

    Given the show’s genesis as part of the film’s PR campaign, I suspect the paintings are, themselves, pointless as anything other than a synecdotal gesture.

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