Adele Lack's micropaintings

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Berlin-based artist Adele Lack has a show of her micro paintings opening tonight at The Montalbán Gallery in Hollywood, California. The exhibition, titled Small Miracles, runs only until October 26. The gallery was kind enough to share these sneak preview photos with BB. Click on the images above to see them larger. Small Miracles: The Paintings of Adele Lack (Thanks, Angelique Groh!)

UPDATE: As BUNT points out in the comments, I should probably note up front that this installation is related to Charlie Kaufman's new film, "Synecdoche, New York," featuring a character named Adele Lack.


  1. Perhaps it should be noted that “Adele Lack” is a fictional character from Charlie Kaufman’s new film, “Synecdoche, New York”.

  2. BUNT @1, Yes, I suppose I should note that directly in the post. It’s part of the whole thing. : )

  3. Looks great. But I don’t find the sneak preview pictures when I follow the link, only a short article and a single image on top. Is there a bigger image gallery?

  4. Also should be noted that the Montalban is right around the corner from the ArcLight Hollywood one of the theaters where “Synecdoche, New York” opens this Friday. Makes for a fun post-film experience.

  5. I worked at a company that made tiny LCD screens for viewfinders and projectors, so I can relate to these images pretty well – they are about the same size!

  6. Hanging them on the wall to display them seems pointless. The gallery should have had a series of microscopes so people could actually see the paintings.

    In this economy, I don’t think it’s wise to cut in on the magnifying glass market.

    Piss one of those magnifying glass salesmen off and before you know it, they are using a magnifying glass to slowly burn a hole in the back of your head.

  8. Given the show’s genesis as part of the film’s PR campaign, I suspect the paintings are, themselves, pointless as anything other than a synecdotal gesture.

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