Free O'Reilly tech books and Safari contest


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  1. Doran says:

    This would be cool if I didn’t own half their catalog (including the rhino book) already.

  2. Anonymous says:

    An addition to comment 5. Montgomery county MD Library also has access to Safari books. Follow this link

  3. ripplepoppy says:

    I want to work for you, O’Reilly. <3*<3*<3 Bless your Boingy hearts.

  4. SamSam says:

    I only see the promotion for 10% off the yearly subscription. To get the free book you need to put in a code (the above coupon for 10% off doesn’t work).

    It looks to me like you need to have already purchased the print version. Did I miss something, or did someone forget to post a coupon code?

  5. gzero says:

    No guarantees that this will not break (circumvent) the EULA, but saving your book for later reading is pretty easy, at least if you’re on Linux and using Firefox.

    Click ‘Print’ (just below ‘My Account’) when viewing a chapter, then check ‘Print to File’ and choose a name. Voilá, you have the chapter in PostScript. Repeat for all chapters you want and besides the file format (which ps2pdf can take care of) you have the same result as if you’d bought the PDFs.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It is free but requires you to jump through some hoops like registration coupon codes and such. I much prefer the other route library or the pirate bay. hehe

    -Markus with a K

  7. techdeviant says:

    If you have a Seattle Public Library card, you can already get free access to Safari Books Online:

  8. eclectro says:

    It’s free for *30 days only*. This really needs to be a pdf for it to be useful for me, instead of html-in-the-browser.

    I own many O’Reilly books, and have a fair sized library. Book publishers are going to have to realize that there are other alternatives for my book dollar. My time also has value, and this 30 day “demo” doesn’t really help or do anything for me.

  9. Anonymous says:

    These books aren’t being offered for free. The only thing free is one-month access. Considering that the Perl and JavaScript books (the ones most BB readers will go for) are more reference books than educational books, 30 days access isn’t the greatest thing in the world.

    Then again, this is just looking a gift horse in the mouth.

  10. rockerchica87 says:

    damn, i had to buy the html book for my class…. and we haven’t even started using it. whhhhhy

  11. David Pescovitz says:

    SAMSAM @4, The coupon codes are next to each of the images of the books on the landing page.

  12. Tommy says:

    Oh great. I own all three of these already.

    In fact, doesn’t everybody already own the Perl and JavaScript books?

    I didn’t much care for the Head First line.

  13. DavidPFarrell says:

    $37.99 per month – And that’s their “Special Price” ?!?! – Looks like $42.99 is normal, but they do also have a $22.99 option

    Man I got in on Safari several years ago and my subscription was less than $10 per month.

    I eventually dropped it after going 18 months without reading a single book off the site.

    Even at the time I dropped, you could no longer get the sub-$10 plan, but $38 is crazy

    I guess I’m a fool for dropping, ‘cuz now I’ll never rejoin with fees like this.

    When will I learn – Its not how much you spend, its how much you save!

  14. loopGhost says:

    From what I gather the O’Reilly “C# Bible” is actually the King James Version of the Holy Bible in the form of C#.

    protected void universe_Init(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (day == 1)
    // TODO: Fix CreateWorld – still buggy

  15. Anonymous says:


    O’Reilly’s Publishing Partner, Pragmatic Bookshelf does have an Erlang Book:

  16. bbreader says:

    This is not a book

    and it’s not free

  17. zuzu says:

    O’Reilly needs a book on Erlang. (just sayin’)

  18. Chizu says:

    Took me a while to figure out about the codes.. They’re printed beside the cover images. Copy the code and paste it into the next page for access.

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