Great Moments in Interpretive Choreography on The YouTube

This is why we have the internet. If you feel moved to sneer, *you* try re-creating a Beyoncé video, shot by shot, shimmy by shimmy, while clad only in asymmetrical underwear. Single Man Dances To Single Ladies. BB reader BettyWu reminds us that not everyone has seen the original, which is required: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). And other commenters wisely ask: is this the real Mango? And: do the original and the fan-remake not look awesomer when played side by side simultaneously? Whoah. (Thanks, Susannah Breslin)


  1. @BettyWu, thanks! Hey is it me or does this track also sound TOTALLY like Indian pop music? Did they gank the rhythm from Hindi-pop?

  2. Hmmm…after watching both, I would have to say that he’s a better dancer than Beoncé and her two cohorts.

  3. ANTINOUS: I think you could get more than a paint job from this guy.

    RE: Original video: How could you put a ring on it with that big metal glove on her hand? (ok, maybe that’s why the left one is bare, though I thought that was a Michael Jackson homage kind of thing.)

    RE: Both videos. Nice moves!

  4. Awesome!!!

    Two things:

    There must be a new condition for the emotional mash-up when this is viewed subsequent to the Jim Henson Memorial vids!!

    More importantly, brings back memories of my first homo-hop when this hetero-suburb boy saw his first drag — that was a guy!!!

    Wonder if this might start an asymmetrical undie meme that Anil could over-analyze?

  5. I often incorporate into my dreams the last thing I read before I go to bed. I’m hoping “asymmetrical underwear” makes for some good ones.

  6. I’m afraid this resembles my alone-in-my-bedroom time much too closely for me to sneer. Except I have better musical taste than he does. But he’s a much better dancer than I am. He’s also a much better dancer than Beyonce, if we’re judging by the videos.

  7. I’ve never seen another hunger strike quite like it. But his demands seem reasonable: Somebody, please, put a ring on it.

  8. To me, the shall we say…artistic, gentleman needs to get hisself a pair of backup boys and make the drag circuit sizzle.

    I’m am sure the fact that he does this in one cut when they probably had to final cut pro Bouncy like a sissor angel chain to get a slicker look, bodes well for his future on the lipsync stage.

    you go girl.

  9. I seriously don’t understand disco music and faggoty dancers…

    … but this guy is so sincere… and well rehearsed and practiced and thoughtful…

    This ranks up there only with “techno viking” for my favourite “You Tube Dancer Favourite for ALL TIME” award…

    Xeni, thanks for the link and Shane aka Dancer554 – you just keep doing whatever that is that you do, and you’ll be just fine!!!

    1. weewillie,

      You cannot use ‘faggoty’ unless you are one of us. In order to ascertain that, I will have to send the BB men in black to your house for physical testing. Is now a good time?

  10. it’s so great to see how non-homophobic the posters here are, with the (possible) exception of the use of the word faggoty, although i’ve used it before many’s the time (gay here).

    anyway, you guys rock.

  11. I love both his video and the original. There’s all sorts of subtle, awesome shots in the Beyonce one that I just love. It’s an all CG video without all the heavy CG!

    Also, I wish I could dance like that. :(

  12. I admire the dedication it took. Who knows how many times he had to view that video to get it spot on! He’s so precise.

    I’ve been trying to do that to ‘Thriller’ for, what, 20 years? :P

  13. “It puts the lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose again.”
    – Buffalo Bill, erstwhile basement dancer.

  14. those moves were designed to exploit the certain mass/elasticity attributes of certain body features that fellow just does not possess.

  15. INCREDIBLE! I’ve watched this five times in a row. What an amazing dancer. I want to know this guy.

  16. yeah Akuaa, the first thing I noticed was the similarity of the choreography in the original to the Fosse Mexican Breakfast/Walk it Out mashup that was all over the place awhile ago. Looks like someone’s been watching a lot of YouTube.

  17. Going to have to agree with many other commenters… he’s a better dancer than Beyonce. Not only technically, but he has WAY more passion for it.

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