John Hodgman: A brief digression on matters of lost time

Here's a video of our guest blogger John Hodgman giving his wonderful presentation at TED in February 2008. John Hodgman: A brief digression on matters of lost time


  1. Brilliant! John Hodgman, I will not miss another one of your presentations.

    About the Aliens, Its obvious to me that they know what effect you are and will have on the world. Listening to your account of the strange “coincidences,” its apparent that they have been watching and perhaps guiding you throughout your life. The old couple, they were probably sent to persuade you that “this UFO malarkey,” is nothing more than silliness and something you should forget. They were probably sent by the “bad” aliens.

    The “coincidence” in the theater, a girl talking to you? -and out of the blue, which just so happened to occur while watching a movie about life on other planets. The important part was while you were behind her while exiting the theater – when time seemed to slow down. and “Nothing” happened. That moment where the nothing happened – obviously an implanted memory, you know it and I know it.

    The movie, Communion, there’s not much to say about that. I personally haven’t seen it and after questioning my friends, none of them have heard of it. Other than a Wikipedia entry and a few obscure mentions about it on the Internet – It seems, no one other than yourself and a select few knows about this movie – and I’m sure, if asked, Christopher Walken would deny having anything to do with it.

    Later in Portugal, other than the part where you were bitten on the ass and required “attention,” from this supposed Doctor- it seems like an almost fairytale romance – until Katherine disappears. Her mysterious appearance hours later would have shaken me also. Have you checked her for zippers or any secret latches that could expose her true nature? Also check for unusual shaped birthmarks – if any have a geometrical shape or if they change from day to day – its a sure sign that she’s an alien. It would probably be best to report her to that girl from the theater – its obvious that she is an agent working for “them.” I’m sure that if you were to go there today, she’ll still be waiting.

  2. Hodgman’s humor is usually too dry for me, but this vid had some funny moments.

    I don’t know where he gets his material inspiration – Soo kooky!

  3. I found out that Mr. Hodgman’s coming to give a presentation in Seattle in 2 weeks, at my employer and specifically for us employees – and I have a meeting.

    Fate can be very cruel.

  4. Actually, Communion is pretty well-known. Best selling book, huge video rental when it came out. It’s safe to say it’s been out of the public eye just long enough to be a comedic pop culture reference now, which John does perfectly.

  5. If he keeps re-interpreting everything with such imagination, that man will have lived everything at the end of his existence.

    I spent a nice moment with you. Thank you Mr. Hodgman and Mark too.


  6. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G comedy!! Rarely a video or written piece captures my ADD ridden attention like this. Subtle, refined, humorous, how hard to acheive such a blend!

  7. Is there any way we could keep John Hodgman on as a contributor to BoingBoing for the rest of time? Any way? Please?

  8. This was a really sweet talk. Sweet in the “awwww” sense. I hope everyone can find someone they love like that. :) Very human, very brillianty delivered talk. Although his voice was shaky the whole time, it managed to work.

    Hodgman should be a permanent boingboing fixture tbh.

  9. Truly superb.

    “More” is right behind “Wordy Shipmates” in my queue of books sitting on my nightstand. I look forward to reading it greatly.

  10. Wonderful, captivating.
    Somehow it reminds me of Spalding Gray or Laurie Anderson, yet still very Hodgman. Nice!

  11. That was so funny, sweet and wonderful. I am never disappointed by his work.

    And I couldn’t agree more with #8 and #9. It would be fantastic to add John as a permanent fixture to the already great Boing Boing team.

  12. Hmmm.

    I find it highly suspicious that “Mr. Hodgman”, despite the alleged injury to his ass (and implantation of alien technology therein) still did not go to what was possibly a topless beach with Katherine Fletcher.

    Doesn’t sound like male behaviour to me. Sounds…


  13. Through sheer luck, or through alien intervention – you found a woman whom you love, and who loves you. You are blessed, revel in it, and carry on as you have been mate!

  14. I don’t think you could handle a metaphor (love = space aliens) that sentimental and that thoughtful without a really light touch. Brilliant.

  15. I’ve never seen Mr Hodgman do anything like this before. I’ve always liked his humour pieces but this was a lovely revelation. Hope to see or read more of this.

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