Piglet Squid is Cute

Scientists at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium found a cute deep-water squid that looks like a fat little cartoon piggie:

Piglet Squid, Helicocranchia pfefferi: This funny looking squid is about the size of a small avocado and can be found most commonly in the deepwater (greater than 100 m or 320 ft) of virtually all oceans. Its habit of filling up with water and the funny location of its siphone with a wild-looking 'tuft' of eight arms and two tentacles had prompted scientists to name it the piglet squid.
Piglet Squid (Science Blogs, thanks Emeka Okafor)


  1. It is cute, almost cuddly looking. I better not let my wife see it, she’ll add it to her list of “Adorable animals she wants to one day have as a pet.” – right after to sugar gliders probably.

  2. funny, i saw this in a deep sea documentary at school, cept it was orange, it was carrying eggs in that big bubble butt, and it was spinning like a madman. it was attempting to eat a shrimp that shoots bioluminescent depth charges. the abyss is weird O_O.

  3. But how does it taste? You know that this will be in the McFish burger once they run out of whatever “fish” is in it now.

  4. piglet squid is certainly cute – but he looks like he’s just barely holding it all in to me…
    he looks like he could do with a bit of catharsis…

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