Time Management for Anarchists -- the free comic

My friend Jim Munroe's just adapted his fantastic slideshow, "Time Management for Anarchists" into a free, Creative Commons-licensed comic:
Time Management for Anarchists, a comic offering productivity tips for creative malcontents, has just been released as a Creative Commons licenced free download.

In a timeshifted Toronto, political firebrand Emma Goldman is paying the rent as a graphic designer… just a few cubicles down from like-minded radical Mikhail Bakunin.

She’s been sneaking in her own projects at work.

He’s her reluctant manager.

The tension is mounting...

The Time Management For Anarchists comic (Thanks, Jim!)

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  1. I really enjoyed that. It is a quick read, but he constructs a solid argument that starts where it should: your underlying philosophy. I have been getting more and more productive every day over the last few years and the way I have done it is not too far off from what he is saying. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I must be a tool of capitalism, because I learned nothing.
    Also, “Group prayer”??? wtf, do not want!

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