Wassup 2008

Wassup 2008: A brilliant parody short from 60frames. If this means nothing to you, go here, then here, then here. Update: apparently this is the original cast, reunited. Wow, cool. (via Clayton Cubitt, via @brianoberkirch)


  1. With all the problems and crises we hear about these days, it seems understandable that folks occasionally question the future and direction of BoingBoing, and whether it will even try to maintain its purported tendency toward optimism. But just often enough to maintain our faith, a visit to the Directory does indeed yield a truly Wonderful Thing.

    Huge thanks to Xeni for posting this.

  2. Awesome.

    I think those are the original guys–not only the ones used in the commercials, but the ones that filmed the first short (which subsequently was reshot for Budweiser).

    Just awesome.

  3. I loved the video. Change is without a doubt upon us. I wonder how many negative comments were rejected?

  4. I would love/hate to see a resurgence of these skits. They were brilliant for their time.

    “What are you doing???”

  5. When I first viewed the film, it had 47,000 views. When I reloaded, it had 103,000… This one is going straight to the top.

  6. Will there really be anyone left to vote McCain ?

    Good stuff Xeni “please tell us from where that effing Hussein came” Jardin. Thanks, vous êtes une soie. :)

  7. “Sweet” sums it up nicely.

    (Do yourselves a favor and don’t read the usual retard comments on the YouTube page.)

  8. I’m right with the rest of the comments. I didn’t expect the ending at all. I simply assumed that this was a solid satire on the current regime. I actually expected the soldier to say that he was thinking of sticking around in Iraq. Excellent change up. Thanks for posting it!

  9. Will there really be anyone left to vote McCain?

    He’ll win Louisiana.

    /hometown facepalm

    Captcha: Alaska burglars


    We’re all middle named “Hussein” now. Gimme a terrorist fist jab! Whasssssuuuuuuuuuuuuup!

  11. Wow! Awesome. The first commercial was always cloying, but this follow-up redeems it. It’s just an amazing and perfect commentary on things.

  12. xeni, would it be safe to ask ‘wassup?’…
    hope you are well.
    not the place for a conversation…let’s catch up…true…

  13. This needs to get on the air. I suppose it’ll never make one of the broadcast networks, but maybe during The Daily Show or the Colbert report?

    Best short video I’ve seen since OK, Go, more or less.

  14. in that truth is information, sure.

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  15. That’s awesome that it’s the old cast. Not so cool that it turned into a “VOTE FOR CHANGE” thing at the end. Oh well, still liked it regardless.

  16. I saw this on Ta-Nehisi Coates’ blog on The Atlantic. Quite simply, it’s the most brilliant political advertisement I’ve ever seen. It’s like a Graham Greene novel – The Quiet American or Our Man in Havana.

    It starts off on a hopeless note, and was kinda bittersweet for the first 20 seconds. Then, as the cast of characters come in, it starts getting funnier and funnier, especially with the Katrina allusion…until Dukey, well, I won’t spoil it for those weirdos who read the comments first, but at that point you know it’s not funny any more. The country’s not the same as it was eight years ago.

    And then “What’s up, B?” And a reason to hope.

    So yeah, it’s political propaganda. But propaganda can be art, and art can be a work of genius, whether you agree with it or not.

    This is a small work of genius.


  17. omfg. I’ve been reading BB a looong time and it was THIS perfect hotness that make be register to post comments.

    What’s up, B?? :)

  18. Just to play advocate, I have to ponder did 8 years of sitting on the couch having a bud lead them to the situation they are in today.

    my first thought after the ending was – hey this new president will allow us to sit on our ass as he taxes the rich and hands it back to us so we can continue to sit on the couch and have a bud….

    just saying….

  19. Well done. IMO the “Change” line at the end was a little sappy and corny. Overall it was super effective.

  20. Why are they not running this ad on television? That was so incredibly funny, and very well done.

  21. #37 KEWLBAG: Ummm. No? Didn’t you watch it before commenting?

    First guy just lost his house CUZ HE LOST HIS JOB. He’s sittin’ on the couch but he can’t afford a Bud.
    Second guy is in frakin’ IRAQ. Not sittin’ down. Not drinkin’ a Bud.
    Third guy is injured, can’t sit down. Bud would cause a bad drug-interaction.
    Fourth guy is sittin’ down investing his money in a failing market. Needs a case of Bud, but can’t afford it either, now.
    Fifth guy is definitely not sittin’ — he’s gettin’ blown away while FEMA does a heck of a job..

    So no, sittin’ on the couch drinkin’ Bud was not the problem here.

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