What the TSA's new body scanner images look like


Cool looking photos of the body scanners the TSA is using in airports. Wouldn't this one be a great radioactive extraterrestrial for a scary movie? TSA body scanner images


  1. Breasts, penises, and scrotums with not bad resolution either. Comic-book style X-Ray Glasses have arrived, and Big Brother has them.

  2. Wow… I am a woman who travels and although I am not normally shy about my body, I feel greatly violated by this image. My breasts are a personal property and not for anyone else but my husband. What about women who cover up for religious or personal privacy reasons? Are they to be subject to even more invasive searches for protesting such revealing images.

  3. Are travelers going to have any warnings that they’re about to walk through this machine? Will people have any choice; can we opt out? (Insert laugh track here.) Does anyone know?

    If not- seriously- I am not flying any more. Either that or I’ll tape a big aluminum foil “F- YOU” on my stomach.

  4. One other thing I probably should not admit here but… what about those Monday mornings when I run out of the house without any underwear on? What do they see then? I can hear that whole speech from my mother now regarding always wearing clean underwear because you never know who just might see them… boy was that Orwellian motherly advice.

    1. Doesn’t matter if you wear or not…. this scanner will scan your naked body…. in a negative type of form but you can invert it with any program easily available on the internet. And what it will show is you totally naked, in all your glory for any and all to see. The BS is that we as stupid AMERICANS are told, unequivocally that these images are NOT stored but in reality ARE. No question about it. They are being stored, and categorized for what ever reason. Again, no question about it. It just takes someone to leak the truth every once in a while. So if you are a 90-year old virgin, or you’re shy about your body, you can be sure that uncle sam will make sure you get over your shyness really fast by making sure your naked body is out there for all to see.

  5. I don’t understand how this is not an invasion of privacy. Why are ordinary citizens trying to get from Point A to Point B subject to this without any reason?

    1. Not everyone is unfortunatly…it really sucks the world we live in with the many twisted people, this is just an extra procausion to keep the people who are innisontly trying to get from point A to B, safe.

  6. @#3
    I’m an exhibitionist and as such I feel that my personal rights have been violated because the TSA has NOT been able to see my junks for all these years. My penus, scrotal pouch and Quato do not just belong to me. They also belong to those who are qualified to see my junks by way of a high-school diploma and a polyester uniform provided by a fear-mongering government beaurocracy.

  7. Thanks to an adolescence wasted on comic books, I now think that glow-in-the-dark bald chicks are hot. Thank you TSA for making my fantasies come true.

  8. Without getting into whether this measure is necessary or even helpful, I must say that, personally, I’d have no problem walking through one of those for the imagery. It is a lot less graphic than I expected.

    If I didn’t know what it really was, I would have thought this was a crash test dummy in black light. Do we get a copy of the pics afterwards? ;)

  9. These scans have been photo shopped to de-emphasize the resolution of “camel toe” and “twig and berries”. All male “grow-ers” and less endowed “show-ers” will avoid this machine like the plague while the well endowed “show-ers” will be lining up to flaunt what they’ve got. Radical Mastectomy patients will also not be too keen for the scanner.

  10. #5 Enormo: Just put it in front like a fig leaf. The security people are all Christian, and will therefore let you pass.

  11. As I understand it, these are not (currently) intended to be part of the routine for every traveler, unlike the hand-luggage X-Ray units.

    Instead, if the TSA decides they’re going to strip-search you (because you’re vaguely brown, say, or are carrying too many suspicious fluids), you might get a choice of the hands-on zero-roentgens routine, or the hands-off roentgen-enriched routine.

    I honestly can’t say which offends me more. I couldn’t give a fart about them seeing my Glowing Blue Avatar – I want to know who’s paying attention to how many of these scans frequent fliers are going through? My dentist is sure as hell interested in making sure I don’t get too many x-rays of my head in a year, and this is a whole body dose.

  12. These scans have been photo shopped to de-emphasize the resolution of “camel toe” and “twig and berries”.

    Oh, well in that case, I can see some people having problems with it. Plus with the types they hire in airport security, I don’t know what’s more gross between having them looking at naked pictures of you or touching you. Tough choice.

  13. This is getting ridiculous. Why do we have to be punished by having out bodies displayed for retarded TSA officials to drool over just because we’re using air travel? Its not going to catch a single terrorist, just give the TSA another scandal to spend our tax dollars on covering their asses for it.

    What country can I move to where this crap isn’t tolerated?

  14. So which is it neocons? Either we reverse our nation’s course of becoming a police state, or TSA gets to see (and most certainly save & share photos online) of your tiny shriveled dicks. Decisions, decisions.

  15. Wow. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand this will cut down on false alarms and increase security. On the other this is amazingly invasive. If this is ever put into practice, it needs to be monitored off-site by mixed gender guards.

  16. Yeah, I’m sure a few of women will have problems knowing their breasts( and tummies) will be virtually fully exposed; but a lot of women aren’t going to be happy with cleft of their labial folds exposed. So who’s wearing some jewelry downtown?

  17. screw mixed gender guards, this should only be monitored by sexless eunuch androids. Otherwise, it qualifies as sexual harassment, which I feel it is.

  18. The TSA just confiscated my 50 million year old shark’s tooth. Naturally, being a shark tooth it was sharp but I packed it in my checked-in luggage. Being a fossil it was stone and so posed no biological threat. I didn’t find out it had gone until I got home. They just removed it without any explanation. I don’t understand why they would do that. It wasn’t worth anything but I loved it and thought it was fascinating.

    1. I can’t believe that airport security could get away with this. This is just convincing me even more to not ever visit the U.S again.

  19. “…it needs to be monitored off-site by mixed gender guards.”

    Where do you recruit a mixed gender guard?

    And if you do hire one, how will s/he take it when an irate passenger tells her/him to go f**k her/himself?

    Literally, I hope.

  20. I’m with CLAIRMONDE. This, yet another example of security theater, exposes for the sake of exposure. The TSA goons will have a field day with this infernal device.

  21. If I remember correctly, that particular image appeared in news stories about 12 months ago, and is actually of a senior TSA official who was demonstrating the equipment.

    Despite the claims that the images cannot be saved, I will give it about three days at most from the time the machines are first deployed until pictures (real or faked) of named celebrities start appearing online. Followed by any number of pictures of random members of the public with unusually good (or bad) figures.

    I should register “scannerporn.com” and “tsaporn.com” now and make my fortune.

  22. Odd that with all that they should be using such tiny little monitor screens! I want a pic of me in this for facebook!

  23. mixed gender guards? you mean like they had at Abu Graib? little people with too much power suck, whatever the gender.

  24. The irony of course, is that if you rocked up to the scanner butt naked, you’d get arrested for indecent exposure :)

  25. I think there is only one reasonable response.

    Glue a couple of plastic baby doll parts to my torso for that elegant “Hideous Malformed Vestigial Twin” look.

    That should wake them up!

  26. this is wrong, palin and simple. this is not too far from a strip search as far as myself and many other people are concerned. this also is exposing people to unnecessary radiation, and does not pick up things that are keester/vagina stashed. what is wrong with a good ol’ metal detector?
    next thing you know we will all have to take a polygraph pre-flight…and have to fly naked. but it is all in the interest of public safety!

  27. why nobody thought this time about protecting the children?? Pederasts and all kind of degenerates will be eager to protecting us!!


    I didn’t find out it had gone until I got home. They just removed it without any explanation.

    I believe this is called theft, not confiscation.

    The same thing happened to my camera 5 years ago. Guess they were ‘overzealous’…

  29. They say these things aren’t saved, but they also said they weren’t mass-tapping our phones, and TSA guards aren’t known for being the most conscientious and ethical of government thugs. I’m sure there is a way to save these images, and I’m sure they will be.

    Beyond the gross invasion of privacy and disgusting use of fear mongering as the justification for absolutely anything no matter how egregious, it’s not just going to be celebrities who are likely to see their nude and glowing bald form showing up on the internet.

    What about the disabled? Or those who have had mastectomies, like #17 pointed out? Or intersex and trans people? Those who by accident, disease or genetic predisposition have bodies that do not look typical under clothing?

    Just by virtue of wanting to travel to a country that is not Mexico or Canada, one not only risks being humiliated by TSA guards, but the possibility that the images will later appear on 4Chan.

  30. This doesn’t feel like new news. In fact that specific image seems eeeerily familiar. Let’s see if I can find an older reference to it… ah yeah, the same image was shown a lot back when trey were considering using these scanners (backscatter X-Ray) on the UK’s railway stations. Think that idea was shelved though…

    The other images you see in that article (the one with the fuzzed out face) are millemetre-wave.

    The TSA reckons it’s OK for unidentified men to look at these high res naked pics of your children, so long as those pics are displayed in another room, so they can’t connect the child to a real person unless they talk to other TSA people (OK, they were the only child on the plane, but still… OK, they were the only one with only one arm… or whatever your daughter’s distinguishing feature is). They also promise the pictures won’t be saved.

    Way I see it, the system could easily pay for itself: pedophiles to pay to sit at these scanners, and give them a discount for every forbidden item they detect.

    I suspect that “think of the children” won’t be a good way to combat these, though: they’ll just put a “you need to be this tall to ride this scanner” sign on, then say “there, kids are safe!”

    While the pedos continue to pay them to ogle your 16 yearold daughter…

  31. I have two solutions to this. One is tattooing “F*** All Airport Staff With Lebanese Cucumbers” on your tummy with some kind of ink that’s opaque to these x-rays. The other is for all men to slip in to the toilet just before you go through the scanner, have a tug and then walk through the scanner with as turgid a hard-on as you can possibly muster. Take viagra if necessary, it’s not for pleasure, it’s for freedom!

    They’ll soon stop using the machines.

  32. They have been showing similar scanners on the news for several years. As I recall due to these types of complaints they added a filter in that is applied prior to the image showing on the screen. This is the “photoshopping” mentioned by #17 and is done prior to the TSA goon seeing the image. The filter automatically covers breasts and privates with the equivalent of a swimsuit.

    On the other hand I’m sure there is a way around this filter if someone is smart enough. And if the image is displayed on a windows computer then the “no image is saved” promise is a policy not a fact as we all now how easy screenshots are on a PC.

  33. I heard that the Terrorists have now given up “hating us for our freedoms”, as they couldn’t find them anymore.

  34. The best way to deal with this is to get a bunch of naturists (or people happy to become naturists for the day) and travel through the airport screening gates naked.

    Who’s willing to give it a go?

  35. Won’t you know it, some TSA thug’s going to start visibly jerking off to female passengers. Then they’ll say “You’re being sexually assaulted for freedom!” and we as sheep will just go ahead. I like the “get a hardon” approach. Can’t wait till I see these.

    1. Ha ha ha… how can I get a job doing the screening? I’m sure I can bring in a personal camera and use the video feature to copy or record some of these people through. And be truthful, there are some bodies you want to see and some you don’t.

  36. What RAD does that machine put out? I understand it’s not going to be used like a metal detector on every passanger… until it’s cost effecient. After that you know it will be. and the radiation airline staff is bad enough at 30k feet this is only going add to the absorbed dose. Low kVp machines like those will have low pentration and a higher BERT value because of it. The lens of your eye is one of the most radiosensitive organs and will pretty much absorb all those photons hitting them.

  37. cotton / fine aluminium mesh underwear carrying a low voltage charge for sale. 50 pairs. get em while they’re hot. anyone interested?

  38. @ 53, if the lens of your eye “pretty much absorbs all the photons hitting them,” you have cataracts.

  39. For all of you who have no problem with this, I pose this question:

    What, exactly, would you have a problem with?

  40. The solution to this is remarkably simple:

    1. Claim to be concerned about terrorists
    2. Buy one of these machines
    3. Image 10-year-old boys
    4. Post images on internet voyeurism porn site
    5. Wait for outrage
    6. Ask the obvious questions

  41. I wouldn’t call these body scanners “new”.

    The TSA has had at least one body scanner at each security checkpoint in PHX (Phoenix, AZ, USA) for probably 4 years now.

    Also, I flew out of DIA (Denver, CO, USA) today, and 2 of the 6 (maybe 7) security lines had these body scanners directly after the standard metal detector. Passengers could choose which line to wait in, so I purposely avoided the ones with the body scanner, but I saw plenty of people going through them. They’ve been there since at least Feb 2008, the first time I actually went through security in DIA.

  42. MercuryTransit @28, Sekino’s right. They thought your shark’s tooth was cool, so they stole it.

    Would you like another one?

    AngusM @32, given what we know about their other behavior, I see no reason to believe they’ll respect the privacy of these images.

    Chopp3r @38: And your point is? All it shows is that you’re willing to read Matt Drudge.

    Tharklord @37, 40: I can’t stop giggling every time I think of your suggestions. Good thing I don’t have any funerals to attend just now.

  43. “I suspect that “think of the children” won’t be a good way to combat these, though: they’ll just put a “you need to be this tall to ride this scanner” sign on, then say “there, kids are safe!”

    But if protected that way, the children would turn inmediately into machine-guns camels!!

    A small walking arsenal inside every Kid!! lol.

  44. Minneapolis St-Paul International Airport was testing millimeter wave radar about three weeks ago. It wasn’t set up at the security checkpoints. Instead, it was down in the transit level where you go from parking to ticketing.

    That’s also where you go to meet your arrivals, even if you’re not flying.

    I repeat, this was not set up for specific scans of ticketed passengers. This was set up to scan every single person walking through the lower level of the airport.

  45. My question is this:

    If this device is “harmless” as everyone says it is, will TSA officials be required to pass through it everyday they are employed? Or will they use the ubiquitous “side-entrance”?

    I already know the answer anyways.

  46. This device cannot possibly be harmless.Look at the wavelengths people.
    This will lead to some horrible cancers no doubt.
    THIS is freedom?

  47. lukus @50 The best way to deal with this is to get a bunch of naturists (or people happy to become naturists for the day) and travel through the airport screening gates naked. Who’s willing to give it a go?

    I had the same idea. Organize a mass protest at airports around the country in which people start stripping at the metal detectors. For plausible deniability, they can claim they thoughts that the TSA now required strip searches of all passengers.

    If I didn’t have a thing about pain and my SO didn’t have a dislike of tattoos, I would also consider getting the text of the 4th amendment tattooed on my butt in ink that would show as opaque on an x-ray.

  48. One of the image captions said the face is blurred electronically to protect privacy. Are our naughty bits blurred before the TSA employess see them? I doubt it. Terrorists might hide contraband in their undies.

    Is this the same roentgen technology shoe stores used in the 1920’s to insure proper fit? That led to a lot of cancer.

  49. Nigel1965 @ 68 – I’m going to take the precaution of blurring my bits before I even approach one of these scanners.

  50. The only thing I have to add is, given the not-so-glamorous history of the airport employee, what’s to stop an employee from just recording some of these and throwing them online for the hell of it? Say for a “Greatest Tits” collection…

  51. What’s the big deal? The TSA employees are trained professionals. I don’t think they would do anything that would risk the privacy of the passengers they are protecting.

  52. As a crew member who goes through security several times a week and also as someone who has a hip replacement (titanium) I rather go through the XRay machine than be subjected to the inconsiderate TSA screeners, who have to courtesy for crew members.

    I sometimes wait over ten minutes until a TSA becomes ‘available’ only to be treated like I am an ignorant traveler.

    The main issue here is safety for our skies and our people. Let’s not loose sight of that!

  53. I’m thinking messages could be written with zinc oxide (sunblock). Metallic and relatively non-toxic.

  54. Anonymous: “only to be treated like an ignorant traveller”? So, you feel entitled to better treatment than paying travellers for why, exactly? If we get to have these sucky procedures imposed on us, so should everyone in the airport.

    What I think is sad is that as far as I know, there is no law that the TSA must be the organisation used to police people at airports. You just have to have a security org, and find an airport willing to take you on. Any other org could do it.

    Then again… if it’s not the TSA, it’ll be Blackwater.

  55. “What country can I move to where this crap isn’t tolerated?”

    Almost ANY country. It’s not tolerated in the EU or Saudi, or Australia, or the UK.

    Yesterday I was chosen for “random” screening by a skeezy looking 25 year old agent who eyed me from head to toe first. I didn’t have any liquids, any beep of the detector, or any selective screening on my boarding pass. I’m a good looking young business woman who flies about once a week. One agent decided that the TSA needed to see me naked and the power was 100% in that agent’s hands to decide. He did not tell me it was optional and only let me get the barely less obtrusive “pat down” after repeated refusals.

    I notice in articles, such as the NYT, when they quote passengers accepting of the process, the passengers don’t generally know what the machine even does. The fact that every European country has called this machine unacceptable but the US has not is frightening and outrageous.

  56. As someone who is transgendered, I this issue is a serious violation. The consequences of this kind of “strip-search” could surmount to serious discrimination or violence. Another reason us trans folks should be cautious while traveling…

  57. I’m a regular business traveler, and just went through one of these machines at O’Hare. It was no big deal, except it took MUCH longer than simply walking through one of those metal detector doorways. Anything that slows up the TSA process pisses me off. I don’t care if some anonymous TSA loser in a windowless room sees my xray scan for a few seconds, then goes on to look at the next person, then the next, then the next, thousands of times a day. It’s not remotely sexy, and it’s not going up on the Internet. It’s just a huge waste of time and money.

  58. i am a nudist, i frequent nude beaches (a naturalist…not a pervert, trust me there are plenty of them there as well). That being said, I CHOOSE when people see me nude…not the other way around. I have no shame of my junk, it’s quite nice, but again…I CHOOSE who sees it, not these goons.
    if they attempt to have me go through one of these, i will explain in full what i’ve stated above and refuse. if they want to pat me down, I will also refuse. if they choose not to let me fly, I WILL obtain a full refund as well as travel costs getting to and from the airport. i will also choose to sue if they do not comply with my demands (which are more legal than theirs).

    point is…choice. no one is forcing you to fly. no one is forcing you to submit to a strip search or otherwise. just leave and sue for the cost of travel and ticket cost. if enough people do this, they will eventually get the idea.

    people…the CHOICE is yours. the POWER is yours, and it always have been. wake the f*ck up and quit b*tching.

  59. Nope. The images seen are MUCH MUCH more descriptive than this. This view is the inverted,or X-ray view. Other images clearly show faces body image and every detail of the body. All in full color. Enjoy the scan. I will too, eventually when it ends up here.

  60. i kind of want to fake an orgasm while getting the pat down.
    or, take my clothes off in the scanner….
    do you think i would get in trouble? ;)

  61. When one has had cancer and 33 days of radiation therapy, one tends to ask questions …Like why not 37 days or 20 days. I was advised by a radiation oncologist that our bodies can tolerate a specific amount because radiation causes blood vessels to narrow. They continue to narrow until there is insufficient blood supply to keep the body tissues alive..then necrosis sets in. How many times can we go thru these scanners, be xrayed by a dentist, doctor, given treatment?? These scanners are a class action case waiting to happen and who will pay the bill…why again the taxpayers. Oh JOY!!
    The next problem is the TSA PG’s (pervert gropers) It must be nice to actually be paid to grope …there are a lot of folks in prison…who could actually be out working for Homeland Security, being productive and STILL enjoying themselves. Flying anywhere is becoming a very ugly prospect.

  62. im a 25 yr old female.. and im totally against these scanners.. but hey, might as well bend over and give ’em a good pose if they’re going to take a nudey pic ..

  63. I think this is very invasive and unconstitutional. If they want to catch terrorist scan the ones who fit the profile or suspects that have been confirmed. So what if that is profiling. Now the terrorists win by keeping us at home and not flying. I love traveling and now because of this I am not going subject my body for the world to see. I am not a shy person and have done pat-downs – didn’t like it then. How far are we going to let this go?

  64. I find the NY JFK TSA are the WORST!!! They literally humiliate people having Muslim name or if they do not look white. This event happened 2 years ago even though I have introduced myself as a defense contractor and I am a US citizen for many years. I was coming from overseas. They held me in the JFK airport for about 3 hours. The TSA personnel did not know what DoD stands for.

  65. They are going about this all wrong. Why can’t they just develop a machine that you enter. As you enter thru a typical metal detector to check for guns etc..then all the doors close and it is designed to put out a signal that will detonate any explosive device on your body and contain the explosion.
    I can almost hear it now “Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have a seat available on flight #1234 to Washington DC.”

    The new scanners are simply wrong!

    1. Hi Aron, the only problem with your plan is the cleanup after wards…. Not to thrilled about walking into a metal container sprayed with body parts….. lol

      However you do have a good plan. Would eliminate a lot of foolish bombers who would be forced to detonate and not received their virgins when they get to where ever they’re going.

  66. This is absolutely nuts. I am a dude and I don’t care about going through it but you will not have my wife stroll through that thing so that you could see what she’s got going on under her clothes. Not to mention the 22 chromosome TSA. These people are the best at being the worst. When you pay someone eight dollars an hour to watch the world,this is what you get…nuckle heads…

  67. Not everybody is going to visually pleasing to the TSA folks. While they will probably have a hard on from time to time during the workday, the TSA will have to look at some people who nobody wants to see naked.

  68. Similar technology has been around since the 2002 Ogden Winter Olympic games. This is nothing new, just finally got enough approvals and field testing for them to find a way to sell it on the taxpayers.

  69. Those photos are bogus…if it can penetrate the top layer of clothing, why do we see a hint of a bra and panties? Because it’s been photo shopped and the nipples and genitalia have been blurred.

  70. We are a society of sick twisted people. And the biggest bunch of liars on the planet. Oh, images can’t be saved…. but they are saved and for what purpose? Oh, but the images are seen by a guy/girl in another room….. But we all have fantasies…. some sick, some twisted. So the guy viewing may be a child molester, or the girl into big guys….. and being able to view one’s ‘junk’ isn’t acceptable no matter where on the earth we are. So you want to be safe? Ok, we will spend millions of dollars on a scanner which will show your pubic area, and do absolutely nothing for security.

    You want security, train a dog. Costs less and they are more accurate. A dog doesn’t care about your race, your religion or your gender type. What a dog does care about is if you got drugs on you, plastic explosives and the like. Why we don’t use them is beyond logic. You have to think about who’s getting the money for this useless equipment. And to have someone ‘pat’ me down is a cheap feel no matter how you want to call it. You are promoting disgusting perverted acts under the name of security.I hope a TSA agents high school daughter gets felt up by a lesbian TSA agent.

  71. Does anyone know that people flying ‘in’ from other countries are not screened at all? Only morons who fly within the United States… Now how stupid is that? A terrorist will FLY IN from YEMEN…. and not get screened. But a mother with her children will not only get screened but have their naked body pictures plastered all over the internet, pubic area and all.

    We have the most stupid administration on homeland security the world has ever known. Illegals cross our borders at will all day long…. terrorists have cells here that we know about, perverts teach in our schools, serial killers have rights, but I have to go through a body scanner, get felt up in the name of security just to fly to another state. But a terrorist from Yeman can fly from Canada to the US and not have to be subject to screening, Wikileaks gets to broadcast our military secrets under the name of FREE SPEECH, regardless of who it hurts. Isn’t AMERICA great?

  72. Here’s a thought….. why not put it in preschools, high schools and colleges? Why stop there… make it a practice to body scan everywhere…. in the supermarket… at work?

    The scanners can’t detect liquids, won’t detect plastic explosives, thin wires. What it will do is give everyone on the planet connected to the internet a very detailed naked inverted photo of you which can be re-inverted with any free program on the net.

  73. Yes, you can opt out. The pat-down I received was courteous and respectful; I did not feel violated at any point. BUT… I still believe that this is overkill. Like it or not, we will NEVER be able to fully secure our borders or our airports, but sacrificing liberty for security is not what our country is about. If you want better security, go live in a totalitarian police state.

  74. Ok, I have not read all of the post here, but has any stated anything about child pornography about these things! I have 1 girl and 2 boys and I will not go through one with or with out them since they are saving every image. Like other my junk is for my wife not the general public.

  75. Doesn’t the x-ray machine pick up weapons, which is what they are clearly looking for? Now that I have seen the pictures I don’t not feel comfortable showing my stuff. Am I going to have to resort to a girdle to hiding my lumps instead of buying the right clothes?

  76. Isn’t backscatter radiation one of the most dangerous types of xrays? Backscatter is why xray techs always leave the room when taking your picture… To the airline employee with the hip implant who stated they would rather walk through the xray machine everyday, I would think twice if I were you. I would be worried as both a passenger and the operator of that machine-why anyone would submit themselves to a medically un-necessary dose of radiation is beyond me. I will always opt out of the screening.

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