Laurie Lipton's Day of the Dead drawings

 Liptonweb Images O Sweets Seller
London-based artist Laurie Lipton has a show of lovely Dia De Los Muertos-themed charcoal and graphite drawings at Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, California. Seen above, "Sweets Seller" (24" x 35 1/2", graphite on paper). Laurie Lipton: Day of the Dead (Thanks, Kirsten Anderson!)


  1. That is a drawing? I took that for a photograph of the artist/sugar skull dealer. Great work.

    On sugar skulls… I still have one I decorated at a party a few years ago. I can’t imagine what kind of preservative that thing is coated in to have survived this long.

  2. Wow, I thought that was a photo at first. I wish I could afford some of her work. Another artist to recommend for anyone that likes day of the dead art is Brandon Maldonado. Not quite the same style but very nice as well.

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