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  1. raisinlove says:

    Arent the Freemasons the Root of All Evil?

  2. Purly says:

    I had no idea BoingBoingers were religious in any way. I mean I guess it’s logical that some percentage are. Anyways.

  3. curtismayfield says:

    he may be the poppingest, lockingest Freemason,
    but he is not that great a poplocker.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Scottish rite contains the 33rd degree

  5. Art says:

    Surprised to see so many fellow Traveling Men commenting on BB.

  6. MadFist says:

    ROFL!! *LOVE* it.

    And just for reference, If he’s a 33rd degree (It’s suspect*) he’s in the Scottish Rite. I only know, as I’m a 32nd degree Master Mason, as well, and only the Scottish Rite has 33 degrees.

    I saw his same buckle at a mall in Chicago on a business trip recently. Not quite my taste, but it certainly seems to have found the market for which it was designed. = )

    *It’s 100% possible for someone still young enough to perform moves like you describe to become a 33rd degree, but it’s an honor that must be a earned after years and years of dedicated service. While many are extremely good dancers, very few 33rds have much pop and/or lock left in them.

  7. Corvinus says:

    Perhaps he’s a Prince Hall Mason.

  8. Art says:


    Jeptha? Nice lodge! Suffolk District.
    We have a few brothers who affiliated from there.
    (Sag Harbor #437)

  9. MadFist says:

    P.S. Sorry if I came off as a know-it-all. . . Neither the intention nor the case. I just happen to know a thing or two about the Craft, and thought I’d share. = )

  10. Powell says:

    It is good to know that our shadowy puppetmasters can breakdance.

  11. Falcon_Seven says:

    Domain registry info for ‘’.
    More than likely this person has simply ‘adopted’ Masonic terminology because he thought it was ‘fresh’ or it that it held some mysterious connotations. He probably holds no understanding of, or commitment to, Freemasonry at all.
    There is no ‘higher’ degree in Freemasonry than a Master Mason, 3°. The twenty-nine degrees of the ‘Scottish Rite’ are a ‘philosophical’ ascent to expand one’s Masonic experience in the fundamentals of Freemasonry. My father was a Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason of Publicity Lodge where he was ‘raised’ and he was also a long-time member of Jeptha Lodge.
    I remember spending many Saturdays with him at the lodge while he went about his business there. I and my brothers usually had free reign of the facility to explore the many nooks and crannies of the building and I was duly impressed, even as a young boy, at the historical significance that was displayed throughout the facility.

  12. holtt says:

    Arent the Freemasons the Root of All Evil?

    You’re thinking of the Illuminati. They often run the lights for his stage shows, and we all know if the lights aren’t on, the show doesn’t go on.

  13. Marcel says:

    I believe the placement of the symbolic representment of a measurement tool immediately above the crotch area leaves one rather open to misinterpretations.
    Especially if the question; “Long member?” is being posed.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Growing up in south Georgia, my stepfather was a Mason.
    He tried to tell me black people couldn’t join because their ancestors were slaves. There were no black members in his particular group. I thought it was bullshit. It made me view the Masons in the same category as Heaven’s Gate or the He-Man Woman Haters Club.

  15. Cowicide says:

    As a 34th degree Mason who runs around naked at night with blind-folded prostitutes in a church-like atmosphere… I am offended.

  16. MajorD says:

    Madfist, you’ve nailed it. Lots of people claim to have a relative who was a “33rd Degree” or “33rd Degree Grand Master” — which is unlikely — or “33rd degree Grand Mason” — which is just meaningless.

    The degrees in Craft Masonry are the 1st through 3rd (Master Mason). The Scottish Rite offers a bunch more, numbered from 4th through 32nd. In the USA, the 32nd degree is as common as tap water — every 3rd Degree Mason who joins Scottish Rite goes DIRECTLY to the 32nd Degree, do not pass Jerusalem, do not collect 200 dollars.

    The 33rd degree, as Madfist says, is a rare honor, given only by either of the two Scottish Rite Jurisdictions in the US, Northern or Southern.

    Who knows? Grand Master Priest Faustus may have another (secret?) identity, in which he has been a hard-working supporter of the SR for many years. Or he may have received his 33rd degree from some oddball “irregular” group calling themselves Masons. Or something else.

    He can call himself whatever he wants, right? After all, I myself am The Authentic High Pope of All Earth, Archbishop of The Moon, and Holy-Moly All-Father of Eristicalifornicatia. Give me just a minute here to find the belt-buckle that proves it…

  17. MadFist says:

    Oh, you’re THAT Majord. Nice to meet you. . . = )

    With that said, it’s a SMIDGE more difficult to get to the 32nd degree than that, but not much, to be sure. It’s still a years-long process across the pond, and that is actually a direction that progressive Craft Masonry is moving back toward (albeit at a glacial pace) in the US.

    I’m a Chaplain of a progressive Lodge, and we generally take education to the Nth degree (no pun intended). Most lodges pride themselves on practicing the same Masonry that their grandfathers did in the 50′s ~ We practice what our 5th great Grandfathers practiced in the 1750′s.

    Meetings have little to do with minutes and who did or didn’t pay their dues, but rather focus heavily on education and symbolism in the degrees.

    With that in mind, I think I’ll see if the BB Gods will allow me to post a review of a wonderful(ly hillarious) book on the Glass Masonic Cities on the moon. No, it’s not from the 40′s, and yes, they’re 100% serious about it. . .

  18. freeyourcrt says:

    And this guys the rapping-est “conspiracy nut”

  19. Justin Ried says:

    I’m a Stonecutter myself. We made Steve Guttenberg a star.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Looks like it’s this guy:

    Here he is on youtube:

    Sadly I think this may not exactly be your grandfather’s masonry.

  21. Jef Choice says:

    I have to agree with the other masons, it is highly unlikely Grandmaster Faustus is 33rd degree. More likely, he is 3rd degree master mason. Difficult to say, though.

    I’d like to think of myself as the body piercing-est freemason out there, but I doubt I’m the only one.

  22. ninjameredith says:

    The Grand Master has a school of popping!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Here, in france (different rites) there is actually lots of problems in Masonry because lots of people have initiated women, wich is strictly forbidden.
    Earthquake, more than 140 Mason are going to masonry court.

  24. gonzilla says:

    I’ve been climbing the ranks of the loyal order of the water buffalo. One day, one day, I hope be a grand puba.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Since a bunch of high-level masons are around, I thought´t I´d ask a question. Fiat money is a big practical joke, right?

    If so, I´m looking forward to the punchline.

  26. pborelli says:

    Here’s some footage of Grand Master Priest Faustus popping and locking at the book release party for Holy Headshot! (which he appears in) at Comix last Thursday in NYC.



  27. Anonymous says:

    He tried to tell me black people couldn’t join because their ancestors were slaves

    There used to be a lot of that BS in American masonry – as I guess historically there used to be in many parts of society. That said there was also always a parallel black freemasonry, in the form of Prince Hall Masonry.

    Its good to see that both PH masonry and standard craft masonry are growing very much together these days – and of course that both are accepting of people of all skin tones…

  28. juancb says:

    @#6 The website identifies this man as being “Grand Master Priest”, and it states that three members make up their group, one of them being “Imperium Grandis Magus Faustus”, and the other being “Professor”. This leads me to believe that someone might have been a misunderstanding while introducing him at the show, though I guess he could be running a double identity for theatrical purposes. *shrug*

    @John Hodgman Was this man actually introduced as “Grand Master Priest Faustus”?

  29. pgt says:

    Hmm… I’m a Mason, a Past Master in Blue Lodge, a Past High Priest in the York Rite, and a 32nd degree Mason in the Scottish Rite (Northern Jurisdiction).

    Masonry is old enough, and diversified long enough ago, that no one has trademark or copyright on Masonic terms and titles: anyone can style themselves as a ‘Freemason’, ‘Grand Master’, or ’33rd Degree’. However, someone claiming those titles will not be recognized as such by the overwhelming majority of Masons unless they can back up the claim with documentation showing they received them in a regular, recognized Masonic lodge or other Masonic Body, descending from the original Grand Lodge of England.

    Dr Bey, ‘Grand Master Priest’ appears to have adopted some Masonic nomenclature, but I suspect he’s a ‘Grand Master’ of pop-and-lock, not Freemasonry.

    I wish him well.


  30. OM says:

    …Dammit! Where’s Kingfish and the Mystic Knights of the Sea when you need’em?

  31. eclectro says:


    Aren’t you supposed to have your throat slit if you reveal too much of that funny stuff??

    I think that we need to get the illuminati to chime in on all of this.

  32. cbarreto says:

    AFAIK, if he is not member of a REGULAR Lodge under a REGULAR Obedience (recognized by the UGLE for instance) then he may be what he want.

    33rd Degr.’. is common to some rites (Scottish for instance) but to be Grand Master he must be presiding or have presided a Grand Lodge or a Grand Orient.

    Not that it is impossible. I myself have seem ones who founded “obediences” and then initiated, elevated and exalted their wives and, not satisfied with that, installed them as “WM” of their Lodges. Argh…

    Anyways, to be recognized as mason he must be active in a REGULAR Lodge.

  33. Ocker3 says:

    two things, most of what’s been discussed here isn’t that secret, and shame on you John for posting up something that Really requires a video, and of much better quality than has been offered up via comments.

  34. vespaloser says:

    Here, we have a listing for Dr. Hannibal D. Bey (Scroll down) as the mysterious Grand Master. I used to work for a Shriners charitable hospital and let me tell you, the Masons come in all stripes and Im not the least bit surprised.

  35. Tzunun says:

    So, Grand Master Priest Faustus is basically a mime?

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