Child's mech walker costume


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  1. Johnny Cat says:

    And, of course, he will lose the costume contest to someone in a Wookie mask.

  2. BrianMc says:

    Ok, I seriously want to be adopted by these parents…so what if I’m 34.

  3. nigelstwin says:

    Nothing less than brilliant.

  4. earbox says:

    @2: And that’s why the guns work!

  5. rasz says:

    looks heavy but cool

  6. IWood says:


  7. Lobster says:

    That is all kinds of wonderful, but the coloration just screams, “screw thematic coloring, cars are going to be aiming for little Timmy.”

    To be fair, if I saw that thing clomping down the street in full camo or even gunmetal I’d assume the robots were attacking and may well run it down for the sake of all humanity. Also, to save Sarah and/or John Connor.

  8. thermidorthelobster says:

    Poor kid – I’m sure those are breeze blocks on his feet. Sort of Godfather-meets-Star-Wars.

  9. Lord Xenu says:

    Yeah, except he’s all of 4 feet tall.

  10. Tim says:

    Nice, very nice. But from prior experience with costumes that are bulky and hard to maneuver in, this kid’s candy haul will suffer.

  11. arkizzle says:

    Do Want.

  12. Robbo says:

    Does the hatch pop-up with a Chewie puppet?

  13. Johnnywishabi says:

    That is a most fantastic costume, makes me second guess my outfit.

  14. Pipenta says:

    That’s certainly nifty, but clearly the parents did not read this first:

  15. AGF says:

    and Pipenta – that’s awsome ;)

  16. Clayton Hove says:

    While watching, I found myself waiting for the impending asthma attack.

  17. sammich says:

    Alpinwolf @ 19 – “Is there a good green alternative to styrofoam for big chunky lightweight shaping?” – cardboard boxes or chickenwire for shape, papier maché or plaster of paris for the skin… lots of fun.

  18. airship says:

    The poor kid is slowing down from exhaustion after just a few steps for Dad’s camcorder. How will he ever glom loads of candy in that getup?

  19. Cool Products says:

    No one is stealing this kids Halloween candy this year. Speaking of Halloween candy, I couldn’t tell from the video whether or not this kid could actually use his arms wearing the costume. Maybe they just have to stick the candy in his cannon, that would be awesome.

  20. codesuidae says:

    This is a great costume, but the Sarah Palins that showed up at my door this year were way scarier.

  21. MadFist says:

    Want!! WAAAAANT!!!

  22. hukes says:

    CHILD ABUSE! The kid could get hurt!
    What an irresponsible parent.

  23. Chairboy says:

    Super awesome! Here’s an adult version:

  24. Alpinwolf says:

    This has me suddenly plotting several years’ worth of variants… AT-ST, Madcat, Baba Yaga’s hut, ED-209…. *drool*

    Whaddya think, styrofoam blocks and suspenders? Is there a good green alternative to styrofoam for big chunky lightweight shaping?

    Kinda reminds me of this dude’s alien costume from 1995 England:

  25. Crash! Bang! says:

    but is it ewok-proof?

  26. tallpat says:

    It’s a cool costume, but the cynic in me is imagining some neighborhood bully stealing this kid’s candy- and the resulting chase scene has me cracking up on the inside.

  27. los_angeles_web_design says:

    Parents like that always put parents like me to shame!

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