Escaped rhino drill at Japanese zoo

As one you YouTuber put it: "Any simple task in Japan requires the effort of tens of aging men dressed in fluorescent jackets and hard hats." (Via Arbroath)


  1. How do you get volunteered to wear the rhino suit and get a dart gun fired at your head, I wonder? I’d rather take a month’s manure duty, I think

  2. This is totally fake. If you look closely, you can see that the rhino’s eyes aren’t real. I’m in the fake rhino business – it’s a tell tale sign.

  3. Those three words – “escaped rhino drill” – are the funniest I’ve read all week…!

    I totally love how they’ve repurposed the badminton net for rhino capture too. Nice!

  4. I had no idea that an old volleyball net could act as an effective barrier against ravaging rhinoceros?

  5. “Any simple task in Japan requires the effort of tens of aging men”.
    Sure, in the US a single small guy is enough to stop a charging rhino ;)

  6. Only if you have guys with long sticks behind the net to gently redirect the two tons of panicked wild animal.

  7. I give this film a 6.

    I agree that this film seemed fake in nature. For instance, there was no manure trail after the Rhino. Also, there didn’t seem to be any clear hero of the film. Also, women seemed to play little or no role in the piece.

    But, the cinematography was ok.


  9. I wonder how much protection a hardhat would offer if a rhinoceros stepped on your noggin. I always thought those things were only meant to protect the wearer from objects falling overhead, but the Japanese do not appear to hold such a narrow view.

  10. This drill seems rather well thought out except for a few tiny details, these creatures weigh upwards of 3,000 lbs., can charge in excess of 35 mph, and with adequate footing can turn on a dime. Think for a moment about how long it takes for your 3,000 lb. car to come to a stop from 35 mph.

    Another vote for Best Musical Score in an Escaped Rhino Drill short film, quite dramatic.

  11. This is why I no longer frequent American zoos. We are so under prepared for this type of emergency. Thank God this has been posted as an instructional video.
    Hard hats-check
    Florescent vests-check
    “Rhino Confusion” netting-check
    Rhino-grade resistant poles-check
    Action/Adventure score paused and ready to go-check

    Mackenzie, they’re ALL heroes. Even the rhino.

  12. If your rhino response team has a limited budget, be sure to choose the tranquilizer dart gun. The badminton nets, the fluorescent windbreakers, and bamboo sticks are nice to have but trust me; you’re not going to want that gun.

  13. @ 12:

    Why, why, why did you have to coin Rhinolarp? You do know Rule 34 of the internet, right?


  14. Rhinos don’t see so well, so another scenario should be added to the drill — rhino falls in love (or hate) and stalks minivan, thinking it another rhino.

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