Guinness Record for wheelchair backflip


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  1. Hagrid says:

    The Las Vegas Sun has an awesome video about this:

  2. veritasluxmea22 says:

    I do not want to be there if he ever screws one of those flips up. It’s bad enough to see a relatively healthy person not land one, but seeing a paralyzed person? But still, “mad props” is right!

  3. MarlboroTestMonkey7 says:

    Guess bi-fida is not enough, he’s going for the self inflicted tri-fida.

  4. camfrye says:

    Careful, man! Doing that, you’re liable to break your ba– um, nevermind.

  5. A New Challenger says:

    Hmmm…. they need to have a Para-X-Games.

  6. Cunning says:

    Clicked for the backflip, stayed for the totally cute love story.

  7. sammich says:

    Veritasluxmea22@13 and Camfrye@14 – He’s got spina bifida and he’s in a wheelchair, there’s no reason to assume he’s paralyzed. Just saying. :)

  8. flytch says:

    this is totally cool… nuts… but cool :)

  9. w000t says:

    @ Crash! Bang!

    I thought the same thing: How can one be a record, but several weren’t enough to be a record? The article doesn’t clarify much, but my guess is that the consecutive backflips in 45s record was previously set sans wheelchair, but he was going to beat it avec wheelchair.

  10. bolamig says:

    That literally brought tears to my eyes. The youtube video needs to be linked from the wiki for “Balls to the wind”. Mad props fo sho!

  11. hlehmann2 says:

    I think that if they weren’t already in a wheelchair, learning to do back-flips might put them in one.

  12. cstatman says:

    totally badass.

    MAD PROPS for not backing down, accepting and slouching, but driving to continue athleticism and rocking the ramps.

  13. Crash! Bang! says:

    i’m confused. if he’s the FRIST!, then wouldnt just doing 1 in a row be a record?

  14. arkizzle says:

    Roll on, bro.. roll on!

  15. EddieR says:

    this must be even more difficult to do with HUGE BALLS. damn impressive.

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