Cruel blue screen of death prank with revolting ASCII goatse


Make contributor Joe Grand (aka "Kingpin") shows his BSODomizer ( prank gadget in action. Complete plans are available or you can buy an assembled unit for $79.

What is BSODomizer?

BSODomizer is a small, battery-powered, mischievous electronic gadget that interfaces between a laptop or desktop and VGA monitor and flashes images onto the monitor at random time intervals or when triggered by an infrared remote control. When used to display a fake BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), the user will become confused and turn off his or her machine. Over and over again. Legitimate uses of the BSODomizer include monitor/projector/video calibration or a simple timer to remind the user to take a break from sitting in front of the computer. Various configuration settings are selected via on-board DIP switches. Created by Joe Grand (aka Kingpin) and Zoz.

If you have any video or pictures of BSODomy in action, be sure to let us know and we can post things on this page or link to your site. Have fun!

Welcome to BSODomizer


  1. I give this film a 6.

    The storyline was cliche. Also the SF element of the film could also be achieved by installing Windows NT 4.0 Workstation from 3 floppies and a CD. This is actually a D- movie.

  2. So it’s like installing a prank software, except it leaves $80 physical evidence.

    I like it though.

  3. …BSOD jokes are old. What you do to *REALLY* frack with the victim and their IT g00bers is to produce a RED Screen of Death. That conbefuddles the hell out of them, and they’re lost for hours trying to track down what it means!

  4. Computers, power tools, and an view of the lake… I wouldn’t mind being BSODimized every day if it meant I could work there.

  5. A revolting ASCII image? Bah. This prank was pretty lame, and sadly could have been easily achieved with the old BSOD screen saver

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