Election Eve

* NOT EVERYONE wants to be President of the United States.

* LESSIG BEGS Obama supporters to keep up the pressure, not "let this slip by again," and "don’t stop until the clock runs out."

* A VIDEO on how to protect your vote and stop dirty tricks, produced by the Obama campaign (thanks Siege).

* LAUGHING SQUID'S GUIDE to the 2008 US elections online, including information about aforementioned dirty tricks.

* BE VIGILANT. BE ACTIVE. CALL IT IN. Daily Kos with still more on documenting dirty tricks.

* TWITTERVOTEREPORT.COM, according to Micah Sifry: "It's an all-volunteer, non-partisan project to enable people to self-report problems as they vote, and to enable the crowd to point journalists and, most importantly, election monitors to the places where there are problems occurring."

* THE CRAZY ANTI-ARAB racism truly sucks.

* TECHPRESIDENT, a "real electoral map" that attempts to more accurately reflect each state's electoral vote value.

* EVERY ELECTION NEEDS A FAQ. And Nate Tyler, who pointed us to this one, says, "This is an amazing resource from Peter Norvig at Google."

* FIND YOUR POLLING SITE via Google Maps' 2008 US Voter Info service.


  1. Like Katie, I also do not want to be President. I don’t think I would like Wolf Blitzer yelling questions at me. I always freeze when asked what kind of tree I would be. Were I to be a tree. Cough.

    Vote, ya lugs!

  2. Wht pntld. Lbrls r crtnly fnny ppl. “Drty Trcks” ll. lvd th prt bt th vl Rpblcn lwyrs tkng pctrs f lcns plts, ll. Tht n ws ht. nd th prt bt vtng fr Dmcrts bng n th 5th. f tht’s lgt, tht’s rt.

  3. And the part about voting for Democrats being on the 5th. If that’s legit –and it almost certainly is, since there are examples of Republicans pulling the same shit in two previous elections — Republican operatives should be going to jail.

    There, fixed that for you. Cowflop, you certainly are a dick of the first water.

  4. (Good grief, anywhere else in the world both of these candidates are strident conservatives. There is no “liberal” and “conservative” in the US — it’s a false dichotomy.)

    Katie, I so get what you are saying. I’ve always wondered why our leaders move into the special leader house when they win. Moving is such a pain in the ass. Who wants to do that shit on purpose?

  5. Katie sounds like a wimp. She needs to toughen up a bit.
    Just kidding. Seriously, if you have a 90% approval rating, that means that 30million Americans think you suck.
    Not my kind of job.

  6. O.k ignore the rant, but this has been bugging me.

    Why use touch screen voting machines for something as critical as an election? They are prone to “drifting” and need to be re-calibrated regularly. Two qualities not suited to an election vote.

    Surely a better system would be something closer to an ATM machine, with physical buttons placed next to a digital display of the candidates names, and giving you a paper reciept print out of your vote.
    That way no confusion, and no “slipped” votes.

  7. What grade is Katie in? Far enough along to know what apostrophes are for? What about her teacher?

    Edwatkins: Given that Diebold also manufactures ATMs, all of which issue receipts, it’s hard to imagine that they didn’t think of an ATM design for the voting process. One wonders why they rejected it. Perhaps they considered the lack of verifiable results “not a bug but a feature.”

  8. #9: No conspiracy necessary. Less parts; cheaper machine; higher profit.

    Banks demand certain security/accountability features. Local governments seem to be to stupid to do likewise.

  9. The voting machine companies got most of their contracts because of the HAVA Act, which passed thanks to the 2000 elections debacle. It’s hard for me to imagine a company (and a company supposedly in the information security business, no less) saying, with pregnant and hanging chads still fresh in everyone’s mind, “let’s not bother with a paper trail on this one; it’s not that important and I’m sure they’ll trust us anyway.”

    Maybe that just points to a paucity of imagination on my part. In any case, you’re right that I’m assuming malice before stupidity.

    But yes: equally boggling is why the HAVA Act didn’t require a paper trail. You’d think that the legislators would be just as interested in verifiable and reproducible results.

  10. #5 Milo – I concur. I believe not wanting the job should be the first qualification for being president.

  11. So it “almost certainly is true” Andrew? I see. Well, thanks for clearing that up for me. I find it a bit hard to believe “Republicans” would be so stupid as to try such a retarded trick (and yes, heads should roll if true), but that stupidity would be trumped by the stupidity of the people that would actually fall for such nonsense.

    Most people (including myself) are just regular, middle of the road, normal people trying to make the best of an odd political climate. I’ve met very few people who fit the stereotypes of the extremist right and left wingers. I laugh at both of them.

    Yeah, I’ll vote for McCain, but I certainly don’t think an Obama presidency will be a problem at all, much less the “end of the world” that the Limbots and the others claim. I’m certainly more comfortable with Obama than I would have been with that tool Kerry. And the thought of Palin being President makes me go into convulsions…

  12. OK, is there a “rules and regs” for posting comments here that I don’t know about? I certainly don’t want to upset the apple cart, I’m just a random yahoo. I’m not a liberal, so should I expect all my comments to be censored?

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