Royal Quiet Deluxe, chicken band: now the story is told on video

Jeff Simmermon says:

I've just posted a video of myself telling the story behind my band Royal Quiet Deluxe -- the chicken/human combo you posted on Boing Boing a few months ago.

This link also takes you to a newly released track, featuring me on the typewriter, my friend Tim on guitar, the chickens on toy pianos/vocals, and the sounds of a Virginia summertime mixed with a PSA about Exotic Newcastle Disease in Southern California. Direct link to that track here.

Royal Quiet Deluxe, Chicken Band: Now the Story is Told on Video


  1. This seems to have gotten completely lost in all the election fervour. Thank-you so much for posting it! I was burning with curiosity when you first posted this as to what it would actully sound like. The picking up of the occasional clucking is the best part!

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