Audrey Kawasaki curates L.A. art show

The incredible painter Audrey Kawasaki has curated a group show of new art (including her own work) opening Friday night at Thinkspace in Los Angeles. The mindblowing exhibition includes pieces by Stella Im Hultberg, Amy Sol, Brandi Milne, Travis Louie, Kukula, and many more. Seen above, Kawasaki's "Hush" (17" x 11", oil, graphite, and colored pencil on wood). Titled "The Drawing Room," the show runs until November 29. All of the work is also viewable online. The Drawing Room (online gallery), The Drawing Room (press release)

  Uxqcyl2Lwwk Srkulnrmyfi Aaaaaaaaboi Sdos Ptjmau S1600 Audrey+Print+2-1   Uxqcyl2Lwwk Srky-Fvk4Li Aaaaaaaaboy Ucqto8Ke5Ee S1600 Audrey+Print+1-1 UPDATE: Thinkspace's Andrew Hosner points out that two limited edition Audrey Kawsaki prints will also be available to those who can make the show in person. Only 200 of each are available and they're just $50 each, so I'd imagine they'll go rather quickly! Audrey Kawsaki's Drawing Room prints


  1. This is why I hate living in Florida. This is a massive gathering of some of my favorite artists. If you have the chance to go, get your ass over there!

  2. yes, tru… but we got the dali museum, the t-pa museum, and the st.pete museum. and a few decent gslleries and happenings. did u see the work at the sk8park gallerie last month? beautiful work. black ink creations had some good stuff ( although they have since changed their name and i forget what they changed it too). we are not cpmpletely without ‘culture’ over here in flo-ri-duh!

  3. Sadly I missed the sk8park event, wanted to attend :(

    Just saw the update here, Audrey’s selling prints of Uria? I am so jealous I might die.

  4. My sister frequently dumpster dives and while rummaging somewhere in LA, came across several beautiful “reject” prints of her art. So happy it was salvaged!

  5. > $50 for one of her prints!!!???

    > Why, oh why, do I have to live on the east coast?

    > *sigh*

    I live in the midwest and am equally in pain!

  6. I went to the show! totally awesome! took about 30 minutes to look for parking in santa monica and the line was looong! but it was worth the 45 minute wait in line to see Audreys work and everyone had a chance to meed Audrey Kawasaki in person! she was soo nice! totally totally awesome! take a fully loaded camera, lots of pics and friends who appreciate fine art!

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