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totem destroyer
spot the difference
memory checker
split words
coign of vantage
open doors
daymare town

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Image above: One of 12 full-page engravings from The Anatomy of the Brain Explained in a Series of Engravings, by Charles Bell (1802). (via neurophilosophy.)


  1. Blessed Boingers,

    I was *delighted* to discover Coign of Vantage
    and, indeed, spent *hours* this afternoon
    plumbing its intricacies.

    ‘Tis truly wunnerful!

    As I reported [plug] http://lerevdr.wordpress.com/2008/11/09/best-new-time-wastan-thang [/plug] I have invented a MetaGameâ„¢ –

    use your mouse to keep the image on the front page static

    It’s harder
    and with no real reward –
    kinda like kids playing with the box
    rather than the toy…


    Le Rev Dr

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