Let There Be Light

Lily cropped.jpg

Today through Wednesday, UK photographer Nick Knight and SHOWstudio are airing a live webcast of his latest project: "Let There Be Light." While Knight is an internationally known photographer (you make recognize this iconic image of Björk), he is also one of the most transparent, regularly exposing his works-in-progress on the SHOWstudio blog. This time he's shooting model Lily Donaldson for V Magazine, and livestreaming the machinations behind the machine. (They're also tweeting.)


  1. You have brought some wonderful things to this directory, thanks. Upon reading the title and viewing that image, the first thing that came to mind was “Girl with a Pearl Earring”.

  2. I was always under the impression that Alexander McQueen had more to do with that image of Bjork than Knight.

    In fact, it was quite a contentious issue at the time (for over obsessed Bjork fans, anyway).

  3. Wow! That Lily Donaldson is pure hotness – Who knew someone could still pull off the “big hair” look. Gotta love a braless model – sure, I could find a video of a totally nude mode in no time, but the models are much more sexy when there’s something left to the imagination.

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