Interview with Crowleyana collector

Gerald Yorke was a friend and disciple of Aleister Crowley (The Beast 666, etc.) and amassed a vast collection of Crowley relics after the infamous occultist died in 1947. Julian Doyle, director of the recent Crowley-themed horror film Chemical Wedding, recently visited Yorke's son JohnO. Doyle even got to hold, er, Crowley's magick wand. Chemical Wedding director uncovers Crowley's wand & relics (Thanks, Gareth Branwyn!)


  1. Crowley is all over southern California. Its amazing. My brother and I made a documentary for the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, and you couldn’t get ten feet from the place without someone Invoking Crowley, the occult, and L.Ron Hubbard.

    I wish a serious film were in development. I know Sex and Rockets the book was optioned by Don Murphy and that his wife wrote a screenplay, but I’m afraid it was all in the early development stages.
    Still Jack Parsons, the OTO, and the development of the space program are an awesome story and forever linked to Crowley. What a fun find.

  2. Crowley was at Trinity College, Cambridge in the 1890s, as was, I believe, Bertrand Russell. You don’t suppose their paths ever… nahh.

  3. Re #4, Alfie – If it worked in the dark roots of the space program in Nazi slave labour at Penamunda as well that would be great. The Lovecraftian underbelly of one of humanity’s most amazing technological achievements isn’t as widely appreciated as it could be.

  4. Whoops – goes to show you how errors propagate on the net. I actually googled the spelling prior to posting it, and I guess I reiterated the errors on several other web pages.

  5. Bonnie, Crowley wasn’t buried. He was cremated, and his ashes dumped by his follower Karl Germer under a tree near his home in New Jersey.

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