Self-Portrait of the Artist, Bloodspattered


Self-portrait of the artist, photographer and Boing Boing friend Clayton Cubitt (a.k.a. Siege), spattered in blood, from a series-in-progress: Fugue State. Self-portrait with Blood Splatter, 2008, another image from the series, but with ink, that is mildly NSFW, and Cubitt's portfolio, which includes some (beautiful) NSFW content.


  1. I’m assuming that’s not really blood on the final artwork – either a photo was splattered with real blood and quickly rephotographed or something else was splattered on the print. Blood doesn’t stay that red for very long (unless he’s discovered some secret, of course).

    Has seen this piece in person?

  2. I love the blood-splattered picture. I’ll have to check out the rest of his portfolio when I get home from work.

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