Open source handheld game kit: Meggy Jr


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  1. David Carroll says:

    This is fabulous. I just spent most of the day finishing an Arduino/ATmega168 project to control the shutter of my DSLR camera. The ATmega168 chip and the Arduino C compiler totally rocks.

    I can definitely see all kinds of simple games that could work on that display. I can also see it as a really fun way for young people to learn how to design and/or program applications. Way more fun than programming shell metzner sorts.

    As for lack of resolution, the ATmega168 can easily drive a colour LCD touchscreen display if that’s what you want…

  2. Peter Orosz says:

    For a lovely if childish pun, a copy should be sent to America’s new President-elect. His first name means “peach” (or “apricot”) in Hungarian, while Meggy translates to “sour cherry”.

    I wonder what else you need for a great fruit salad.

  3. EH says:

    Does it play anything besides Connect Four and Lite-Brite? Maybe Simon is up for Xmas release.

  4. oskay says:

    It’s for minimalist fast action arcade games– a lot of the 8-bit era games have fundamentally simple game play that doesn’t change much as the number of pixels goes to (almost) zero. Space invaders is a good idea– each invader is one dot, and you get a 5 wide x 4 tall array of invaders at the top of the screen. More like Centipede. Pole position (especially once you wire up an accelerometer for steering.) Frogger.

    Connect Four, Lite-Brite, and Simon sound pretty boring. :|

  5. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this very similar to the Mignonette game kit*?


  6. hohum says:

    I think it’s lovely! And not just lovely-for-open-source, but genuinely lovely! The fact that it’s so minimalist tempts me way more than, say, GP2X does…

  7. Daemon says:

    From the pictures, it looks like each pixel can light up in differant colours. If that’s the case, then a whole slew of puzzle type games are easily possible.

    Heck, you could do checkers, connect-4, othello/reversi, etc.

  8. koz1000 says:

    The mere existence of this kit is a perfect hacker test.

    The ones who get it go: “Wow, cool! I can think up a dozen ideas for this, or ways to connect it to other things…”

    The ones who don’t get it go: “I can’t play Quake on this? Forget it.”

  9. Jonathan Badger says:

    But what can you do with 8×8 pixels? I’m all for retrogaming, but this goes beyond retro — if you were going to make a “space invaders” game, 8×8 would be just enough for a single invader.

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