Photo of Las Vegas "hooker hawkers"


Golfer_X, of the darkly funny Riverside and San Bernardino Real Estate Blog, took this weird photo when he was in Las Vegas.

I spent the last weekend in Vegas. As you can see from the picture the hooker hawkers are not just handing out cards anymore. Now they walk around with lit billboads strapped to their backs! Freaking amazing. I don't quite understand why the city allows these guys on the street. Most of their handouts end up littering the streets. I took this picture out in front of the Paris Hilton.
Photo of Las Vegas "hooker hawkers"


  1. Today is the day that girl’s parents finally find out what she actually does for a living…Oh boingboing!

  2. What are the odds that the bikini babe on the sign is the actual woman who will show up in your hotel room in 20 minutes? 0%?

  3. Direct to your room in 20 minutes eh? It would take her longer to get to my room then she would even need to stay there, haha.

    I have a real hard time believing that the girls that actually work for that company are even remotely as attractive as the girl on the poster. Looks like a clear case of false advertising to me.

  4. Ah, yes.

    For some reason I forget about these guys between visits to Las Vegas. They cluster around street corners on the strip, or whereever the sidewalk narrows (e.g., due to construction) so they have an easier time shoving the fliers in the hands of passersby.

    The first time around, I remember politely hanging on to the cards until I was out of sight before ditching them.

  5. Most people just call them porn slappers.

    They’ve been doing the sign things for awhile but they can only do it during the cooler months (or when some big thing goes on).

    I used to try to be respectful to the guys (like say no thanks, or even acknowledge them as human) but some of them can be downright rude like throwing cards at you Gambit style at crosswalks. The best thing to do is just put space between you and them.

  6. Yes, my brother was telling me about this when he came back from there. he said they were pushy, in-your-face, and had no regard for whether a man had a woman already by his side. I think it’s like spam…if they can push it at enough people, they’ll make a sale or two, and that’s all they need. What a sad excuse for a life.

  7. Dudes,

    Here’s a tip from my side of the fence. Just stare intently at the guy’s crotch and he’ll immediately veer off to a new victim. It works with security guards, too.

  8. If you go to a convention in Vegas you get hit with these cards on the streets plus a number of tabloid papers covering the same merchandise. However, while prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada, it isn’t in Clark county. So what’s the charge? Misdemeanor? felony? Anyone on the take? It’s pretty rife. The security at hotels and casinos know the game and spin the ladies back onto the streets if they try and come in.
    Heard a story of a trade show vendor who got girls for his customers and some of them came down with a dose.

  9. Yeah so a few years ago I was walking down the strip with some friends and we pass like a dozen of these guys all standing there handing out fliers and right past them everyone has just dropped them on the sidewalk. So all of a sudden the wind picks up and dust devil starts spinning around in the street next to us. The fliers lift off the sidewalk and start whipping around in the funnel and this guy walking near us says, “Look! A pornado!” A weather phenomenon exclusive to Las Vegas.

  10. You’d think that given the fuss raised by some residents about the legal brothels in neighboring counties advertising in Vegas, there would be at least a few public groups working on shutting down this kind of advertising.

    And even though #13 already said this, I feel it can’t be stated enough that prostitution isn’t legal in the counties that Vegas and Reno lie in. As a former Nevada resident, I’ve had to bust the misconception that it’s legal everywhere in Nevada waaaaay more times than I can count.

  11. #12: Having long hair and being somewhat “pretty”, people frequently get my gender confused. I’m straight, but I’m confident enough in my sexuality to play a little on men’s homophobia when I can turn it to my advantage (i.e. when dealing with beggars and authority figures). :)

  12. The legal distinction is they are hawking strippers to dance for you, not offering prostitution (which is illegal in the county Las Vegas is in). So the handbills are for legitimate businesses, which are affirmed to be protected speech.

    There was a court case overturning the ban on such sidewalk solicitation–and a second case affirmed that sidewalks are public space (the Venetian was very unhappy with union pickets in front of their casino). Expect to see the handbills to continue in the future, unless someone can prove legally the “exotic dancers” businesses aren’t actually that.

  13. Ahem. This is in response to #2 (and an entry to the poetry competition):

    Your country’s gender disjunction

    An anal-vaginal conjunction
    A fusion that’s quite sure to vex
    Your country’s gender disjunction

    Fundamental psychological function
    Expression of person and sex
    An anal-vaginal conjunction

    State-enforced laws and compunction
    The victims emotional wrecks
    Your country’s gender disjunction

    Cries of moral dysfunction
    Gut-level emotive reflex
    An anal-vaginal conjunction

    An immoral legal injunction
    Over-wrought balances and checks
    Your country’s gender disjunction

    For this problem I see no unction
    The issues are deep and complex
    An anal-vaginal conjunction
    Your country’s gender disjunction

  14. Ah yes. Classy Vegas. Been seeing the cardsnappers since I was nine. Probably the most shocking thing I’ve seen yet is a parent duo handing out these cards, along with a toddler walking up to me, handing me a nudie girl.

    I love this city. It’s so interesting. I can’t wait to leave.

  15. Am I the only one who read that as: Photo of Las Vegas “hooker LAWYERS”?

    Well, it could be a specialty…

  16. “I took this picture out in front of the Paris Hilton.”

    Paris Hilton is a minor celebrity or a hotel in Paris France…. He means the Paris Las Vegas(aka the Paris hotel) It’s a Harrah’s property – no connection to the Hilton.

  17. #22: Funnily enough, or perhaps unsurprisingly, not one of the Hiltons in Paris is actually called “The Paris Hilton” (well, neither are any of the Vegas ones). I just finished a job working for a contractor to the Hilton Hotel Group. Trust me, I’m very familiar with that data.

  18. Yeah, the legal dodge is that you’re only paying for a girl to show up to your room and be nude. (NUDE IN YOUR ROOM is a common tagline.) Nothing illegal about that, right? And if the two of you happen to hit it off, well, there’s no law against that, right? Right?

    I remember a few years back I was visiting Vegas and had heard that they’d cracked down on this, and sure enough, there were no hooker-card guys on the Strip. But then the next time I was in town, they had returned, so I guess the crackdown didn’t last long.

    Also, not only is prostitution illegal in Clark County (Las Vegas) and Washoe County (Reno), but also in Carson City (the former Ormsby County). There are a whole bunch of brothels, including the famous “Moonlite Bunny Ranch” featured in HBO’s “Cathouse”) in Mound House, which is on US-50 just outside of the Carson City limit.

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