Caption this. No, seriously.

My buddy Sean Bonner pointed me to this non-hoax photo from the White House.We obtained it from this url, which originates at, and accompanied this news release. So, not a joke. Nevermind whatever the news release says, what the hell are they doing? Is that a masonic gang sign? The $700 Billion Shocker? Or are they throwing down for the largest, bloodthirstiest, thievingest gang in the world? Your conspiracy theories welcome in the comments.


  1. As much as I’d like to believe the leader of the free world is throwing the shocker, it’s actually the Arizona State “pitchfork”.

  2. It’s late and this may be far less obvious in the morning, so thought I’d throw out the possibility that they’re all making a ‘W’ sign…

    You know, for George Dubya Bush.

    Anonymous Sam

  3. Was just about to post this article about Bushes daughter accidentally throwing “the shocker” instead of the ASU trident, which shows that hand sign for the Arizona’s trident. But it looks like everyone beat me to it.

    SLGALT (#13), I think you’re thinking of the “Venus Butterfly”, which is basically “the Shocker” with two hands…I think.

  4. Dang, that photo is so awesome that it was worth retyping the URL on my iPhone just to share it. (stupid lack of copy and paste …. Grr)

  5. “holla!! it’s ya boy, the W… i got all my peeps wit me, and we bout ready to bounce this shit… peace the fuck out, bitches.. one.”

  6. I believe that’s standard finger-based hexadecimal.

    The standard way to count using fingers is to start with the index, so that must be the least significant “digit” (pun intended) since no one there is using their thumb as part of the sign.

    They all have the index, middle and little fingers up, while the ring finger is down. That gives us:

    little  ring   middle   index
     up     down     up         up
     1          0           1             1

    Which is 11, or ‘B’ in hexadecimal.

    ‘B’ for “Bush”, obviously.

  7. I was gonna suggest that this is a “W”, but as others have pointed out, turns out to be a trident.

    Check out the guy on the far left though; his fingers are shockingly closed, and he has a grin that seems a little too knowing…

  8. Blatantly a reference to the Illuminati. It is the second digit in from the left side that is being held down, so that gives us a 2. The left side represents the otherwordly and unknown that the Illuminati thrive on. There are then three fingers left up, and 23 is the Illuminati holy number. 2+3=5, the number of fingers on each hand, and another holy number of the Illuminati.

    It also repersents the horns of a goat standing next to a single man, representing the evil that follows us all around… Ewige Blumenkraft!

    Or it could just be this trident thing :D

  9. I´m with the Bloodthirstiest Gang thing.
    The question is: Is the White House Gang a crisp or bloods style gang?

  10. The guy on the front row, 3rd in from the left, is actually trying to apply the shocker to his colleague. Saucy!

  11. “Heh-heh, so this is because my Presidency was so shockingly awesome? Sweet. Laura’s gonna get a kick out of this.”

  12. Also: WHOOP DA SHOOP

    W is the whitest one there besides the chick next to him. It must be the mailroom staff or something.

  13. It is too bad that is not his Cabinet, chances are they would have done a better job than the people he has…

  14. Ahh Yes the shocker. I belive there was a high school that was forced to reprint all their yearbooks due to this hand gesture.SUHWEEEET

  15. Although they felt just the middle finger expressed their feelings towards the nation more accurately, “W” and his crew tried to soften the blow by adding their nose- and arse-picking fingers.

  16. This is going into my scrapbook of elaborate pranks on clueless and inept presidents.
    I hope this picture is used for all future references of W.

  17. “All youse banks that’re borrowin’ from us — if youse don’ pay back on time, we’re gonna make you regret it, ya know what I’m sayin’? Ben _likes_ cuttin’ things…”

  18. A digression – but if you look at the girl 4th from the right in the front row, has someone done a crude colour-replacement on her nails?

    Her lower hand, if you zoom in about 15x, looks like it has a halo from the replacement, and the higher hand (making the gesture) has a different-coloured nail on her face.

    Why bother?

  19. i’m thinking maybe they’re trying to do the ‘W’ sign, but turned out Fail for a shocker lol. a shocker should be index and middle finger together, not apart..

  20. Well, here’s a conspiracy theory. What do you think about the theory that the financial interests that funded Hitler and survived WWII immediately turned their sites on America, with the intention of turning this into the Fourth Reich? And that the CIA, which has acted as a reliable instigator of fascist governments around the world, was an important vehicle for realizing this goal from the start? And that the Bush family was thus pivotal in this effort? And that they have for the most part succeeded?


    P.S. Ever heard the name “Reinhard Gehlen?” It’s an interesting story, look him up.

  21. It’s a combination of the ASL sign language signs for the letters “V” and “I.” Thus making, “VI,” the Roman numeral for “6.” Put them all together, you get a string of “666”‘s.

  22. If it is the shocker, and it certainly looks like it, that’s embarrassing and sick for a president to exhibit himself in such a barbaric manner.

    If it were Adam Sandler, I would understand. But this is disgusting.

  23. As someone who lives in Tempe, AZ (home of ASU) I can tell you this is the “trident” sign for the schools sports teams. I have had discussions with my friends and we think that the students popularized this sign in correlation with the popularity of the “shocker”. So it is like when you were a kid and you did the OK symbol with your hands. You know it means asshole, but your parents don’t know that. So I think all the students know it means “shocker” and find it hilarious when they get parents and administrators to do it. Which makes this even funnier as they are getting the President of the United States to do the “shocker”!

  24. Caption: “My third term administration would be jam-packed with women and minorities just like these,” Bush said. “But thanks to those pesky ‘term limits’ that won’t happen, which is why we’re all hiding our third fingers. Too bad that Constitution that everybody else seems to revere just doesn’t respect diversity.”


  25. Bush and his minority minions ridicule Obama chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel’s missing ring finger. Fittingly, nearly half use the wrong hand.

  26. @29: “‘2 in the pink, 1 in the stink’.
    Yeah, as in two wars and a collapsing economy.”

    Ah, different gesture. That would have to be the Nacho Scoop, also known as “3 in the Stink.”

    Personally, I like to think they’re all pretending to be allosaurs taunting tyranosaurs by showing off their greater number of digits.

  27. It’s the annual gathering of ring finger amputees, who coincidentally can’t count to the number five properly due to the devastating loss of the fourth finger.

  28. While it’s amusing to imagine they’re doing The Shocker, it’s just a “W.” There was a Swedish thrash metal band called Witchery that used that hand symbol to indicate the first letter in their name. That’s how I figured it.

  29. @66: Centricity, nice catch. It totally looks like he’s flipping the camera off. Unfortunately, if you magnify it just a bit (3x to 5x or so), it’s clear he’s just amazingly badly positioned. They put the whitest whitey against a yellow background.

  30. It’s actually ASL for ‘8’, though I’m not sure why their palms are turned inward. Clearly these are the people in the Bush Administration who’ve been with him for all 8 years, celebrating that fact.

  31. I can’t believe it took to #73 to get this one. It’s Jerry Garcia fans, although half of them are using the wrong hand.

  32. Since it’s the Arizona State University track team, they’re all displaying the “pitchfork.” I imagine if the president was posing with the University of Texas track team they’d all be doing “Hook ’em horns,” or they’d all be doing “Gig ‘Em” if it was the Texas A&M track team. Although then I guess y’all’d think they were doing Buddy Christ impressions. :)

  33. TANNER@76 and WILDANDCRAZY@85 figured it out. if you follow WILDANDCRAZY@85 url it will take you to a .gov server. Select the fourth thumbnail on the right and you will see the same photo that Xeni blogged. The caption is “President Bush Welcomes 2008 NCAA Sports Champions to the White House”. The baloon that displays over the picture says its the Arizona State University Men’s and Women’s Track Team.

  34. NED613

    did you read the post?

    “Nevermind whatever the news release says, what the hell are they doing?”

    Just thought you should know that the 98 people above you weren’t quite oblivious. Now that you’re in on the joke, what else MIGHT they be doing?

  35. Who knew the Bush Crime family had their own gang sign…

    @28: clever, but Bush isn’t that smart.

    @70: I know, I know, but what are we gonna do, right?

    It is at least LOL funny, Bush getting all “gansta”, though.

  36. Most of the people in the picture are not doing “The Shocker”. The Shocker has the index and middle fingers together, not apart. The guy on the far left is pretty much doing The Shocker…everyone else is doing the trident symbol for the Arizona State University Sun Devils.

  37. Who on earth managed to convince them that “The Shocker” was actually a W???? That is one -serious con-job.

  38. I don’t care what the symbol is supposed to be, I’m nominating this for inclusion on It has the requisite hotties, douchebag (Douchebag-in-Chief) and pseudo-gang signs. Perfect.

  39. After being convinced that this obscene gesture was used by a major university, Bush helped sing what he was told was the the Arizona State fight song. A hit made popular by one Rick Astley.

  40. Follow-up to #117

    It’s already on Hot Chicks with Douchebags!

    Caption: Two in the Bush, One in the Cheney

  41. I see only one guy in the whole crowd knows the shocker sign. Either that or he’s a poor teacher…

    Classy right up till the bitter end.

    #119, that made me laugh more than the photo – thank you.

  42. I find it funny that the post right before this one was for “After Shock: earthquake alternate reality game”. As you scroll down, it appears after the Bush photo so it appears to be “After Shocker”. Mmmm, my conspiracy sense is tingling. Is that some subliminal boinger code to tell us what the photo is really about? Personally, I think it is the shocker and he’s just finally come clean on what his administration has been doing to all of us for the past 8 years.

  43. Every Texas Football team has a hand sign. This one is for U of Houston.
    You know the giant foam hand signs. Yeah you can buy one in the UH school colors, and I’m not even kidding, red and white. Some of them say shocker at the bottom.
    So try this on for conspiracy. George Bush is just hangin with his UH crew. they do there handsign for the pic and he joins in the fun. Just another day in Texas, ohh I mean white house.

    Go Cougars

  44. The entire Whitehouse staff honored the anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s death today by attempting to give the “Jerry’s hand” Grateful Dead hand signal. Typically, no one present had either the will or the knowledge to correct the erroneous “missing digit” the president presented.

  45. I guess Bush’s Devil has 3 horns.

    and as for the shocker, knowing old smart george, he probably gives it, BACKWARDS.

    the sign for 2 girls, 1 cup.

  46. If it’s the shocker, once again the Bush administration is doing it wrong, since the first two fingers are spread rather than together.

    Could be a ASU Devil’s pitchfork, but GWBush is a good Christian, so I’d never believe that.

    I suppose that these could all be people who failed Dick Cheney, but the photo is pretty clear that many of the “missing” digits are actually still present.

    My personal guess is that these are all people who have cheated on their spouse or fiance. They are all showing their technique of hiding their ring fingers to pick up sex partners.

  47. The shocker is a hand gesture with a sexual connotation. The ring finger and thumb are curled or bent down while the other fingers are extended. The index and middle fingers are kept together (touching) and the back of the hand faces outwards (away from the gesturer). The gesture refers to the act of inserting the index and middle fingers into a vagina and the little finger into the unwitting anus, hence the “shock”. Because of its explicit sexual connotation, the shocker is sometimes considered vulgar. -Wikipedia

  48. @134 No, it does not stand for the U in UH. It stands for the three paws of their mascot, as one of it’s paws got cut off.

    No, I don’t go to UH.

  49. “President George W. Bush and his remaining band of young conservatives congratulate Barack Obama on the election, signaling they wish him to Live Long and Prosper.”

  50. Hasn’t anyone ever seen the movie “Help!”…this is the sign Leo McKern continually flashes as they run around trying to get the sacrificial ring back from Ringo. So clearly someone has lost the current administration’s sacrificial ring and they needed it back.

    One of my favorite movies btw.

  51. “No it’s not a ‘W’ sign! George gets snippy if you say nu-clee-ar instead of nuc-you-lar. Takes a finger for every time you do it.”

  52. I’ve seen the War of the Worlds TV show. Three fingers = aliens. They’ve taken over the government, we’re doomed. Doomed I tell you. DOOOMED.

  53. Right off the bat I noticed that all the people on the left side of the picture are holding up their right hand, and the people on the right side of the picture are holding up their left hands, which creates two different signs – one side represents 21 and the other side represents 12, an obvious reference to the commemoration of 100 years of the New World Order, following the ‘end’ of the world, or current world order, in 2012. The decapitation of the ring finger refers to an end to traditional marriage in favor of a hive mentality – they could have accomplished the same initial message by closing only the middle finger – so obviously in the next hundred years we’ll need that finger fairly often. Finally, it’s not the fingers that create the message, it’s the empty space between the fingers, which creates a Wi, and for some, with downturned hands – a Mi. So a reference to the takeover of the world order by Nintendo.

  54. I’m SHOCKED!!! This is SHOCKING!!! I am SHOCKED at how SHOCKING the SHOCK of this SHOCK is SHOCKING me!!! The SHOCK!!! I’m SHOCKED!!!

  55. OK
    are you all losing it or is there still a significant BDS Hangover in play here?

    W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W

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