Fetus cookie cutter


From Craft magazine: Fetus cookie cutter


  1. It’s a conspiracy! That, or the cookie changes shape while baking.

    I thought the reflected ‘eye’ in the cookie cutter was very creepy.

  2. The cookie GAINS anatomical detail while baking?

    I guess it’s true: bakery recapitulates ontogeny.

  3. Gingerbread men, and peeps are one thing, but …somehow, I couldn’t bring myself to bite the head off that one.

  4. Oh god, these cookies are a disaster! They’re falling apart before we even get them off the pan! Abort! Abort!

    1. Like looking at a sonogram of the Pillsbury Doughboy.

      The Pillsbury Doughboy died. Of a yeast infection and internal injuries from being poked in the abdomen.

  5. as anyone who’s ever made cookies with a cookie cutter can attest, getting the dough out of the cutter without distorting it a little is tricky.

    The distortions likely came in when someone was removing the dough, pre-cooking, and they stretched the sides of it a bit as they were getting it out of the cutter. Its to be expected, really. Rarely will you see a cut cookie that’s exactly like its cutter, unless its something really simple, like perfectly round.

  6. That’s awesome. I have an urge to show up at a pro-life rally and hand these out to the activists to see how they react.

  7. I have an urge to show up at a pro-life rally and hand these out to the activists to see how they react.

    If you do, report back. I really need to know if these things fool the zombies.

  8. on boing-boing there once was a foetus/ who screamed out to all” please don’t eat us”/ wire hangers we shun/ yet we get baked for fun/but if you eat us you’ll have to excrete us!

  9. @shadowfirebird and mintphresh:

    Please, for the love of God, spell it “fetus”.

    Medieval Latin often dropped diphthongs like “oe” and “ae” and made them simply “e”. Some well-intentioned yet uninformed English speaker then proceeded to give “fetus” and “cetera” back the vowels that they were never missing and created such abominations like “foetus”, “et caetera” and “et coetera”.

  10. @22
    wait wasn’t the spelling changed to show the US was free from British Imperialism?

    I went to the theatre and on the the programme, in the very centre, was a very skilful and colourful engraving of a foetus. Like in an encyclopaedia.

    Anyroads – time to resurrect the equally appetising cannibal and toilet restaurant threads




  11. What really floors me is the caption: “No holiday baby shower would be complete without fetus cookies…”. Wow.

    Love the idea of distributing them at antiabortion demos.

  12. If this artifact had been on any other blog, I wouldn’t have dared to read the comments. It’s the sort of thing that could go so wrong so quickly.

    I too would love to see the reaction at an anti-choice rally. Let them eat…cookie.

  13. There are these awful antiabortion posters up around the university here – I’d love hand out these cookies around them!!!
    I think this was on boingboing before?

  14. @23: If you look up “foetus” in any dictionary, they generally just describe it as a (British) variant on fetus.

    Fetus lupetus!

  15. the terminology bruited about needs refining;
    not “pro-life”, absolutely not. “Pro-slavery”, “anti-women”, “anti-choice”, “pro-rape”, mo better.

  16. #4 The Unusual Suspect
    The cookie GAINS anatomical detail while baking?
    I guess it’s true: bakery recapitulates ontogeny.

    Geektastic. I love it.

  17. Sure, hand these cookies out at anti-choice events. Just be sure to ice them with a decorative mixture of confectioner’s sugar and ipecac.

  18. Anybody wanna buy a coelecanth cookie cutter?
    I could make one tomorrow. I work in a pro-life and conflictedly pro-evolution cookie cutter factory, (the growth-industry of cookies do recognise every sugar cookie segment of the demographic from Christian to Monsterism.)
    We’ve even got the FSM, but you’ve got to buy it in a package with a delicious Jesus on the Cross, Muhammed, Shiva, Gotinda, Buddah, JHWH and Jah: The religious (and slightly redundant) cookie cutter experience.

    And let me tell you, Jesus Christ is so tasty with pink icing – I can’t help but yearn for delicious april cookie crucifixions. It makes the eucharist profane in comparison.

    With all this, I don’t even feel the need to mention our blasphemy line of cookie cutters.

  19. @34 I’m aware that it’s a spelling used in the UK, I think you missed my point, which I will now spell out :)
    US/UK spelling variants came about by the US wishing to show it’s independence from British culture. I was merely showing my independence from US culture.

  20. @ #1 “The cookie and the cutter in the adjacent photos don’t match.”

    Do I sense a shopped picture? Seruously, look at it, the backgrounds don’t even match.

  21. Concerning the light patterns in the cutter, there is a name, which escapes me now, for the bright point created where circles of light reflected from the inside walls of a cylinder intersect. In the cutter photo this point is found in the abdomen and eye. You can see these patterns of light on the surface of the coffee in a sunlit mug.

  22. I would love to bring a pan of these to my family Christmas party. I would love to see the reactions by my Jesus-loving, gun-toting extended family.

  23. A User, you possibly missed MelonBread@34’s point.

    This is from the New Oxford American Dictionary (Apple’s built-in dictionary):

    USAGE The spelling foetus has no etymological basis but is recorded from the 16th century and until recently was the standard British spelling in both technical and nontechnical use. In technical usage, fetus is now the standard spelling throughout the English-speaking world.

    So it appears that the ‘oe’ spelling was an added flourish, rather than the ‘American’ version being a utilitarian departure. This is all news to me too though, I always spelt it ‘oe’, and hadn’t noticed the prevalence of ‘fetus’ in technical usage, over here in Britain.

  24. Meh. I just spelt it how I was taught to. I wasn’t such a pedant when I was 9 (not true at all actually) :D

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