Quantum of Solace is an anagram for 18,258 better titles


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  1. jackie31337 says:

    Also, here are some of the best movie titles I got from that generator:

    For Your Spy Only (is that a real Bond movie, actually? If not, it should be)
    Starring Roger Dalton

    Gustav Whitaker plans to instigate armageddon aided by a laser beam and beautiful fellow agent Plenty Goodhead.

    Casinos Are Forever
    Starring Sean Brosnan

    SPECTRE, aided by exotic Dominique O’Toole, plots to corner the Russian diamond market with nerve gas.

    You Only Never Loved Me Twice Again
    Starring George Moore

    Aided by dangerous fellow agent Kissy Pussy, Bond’s nemesis Kamal Chiffre plots to use a deadly virus to explode a nuclear weapon in Europe.

  2. Geoffrey Sperl says:

    I agree with andrewkantor: How is the title bad? It fits the storyline perfectly. Bond is looking for the people who had blackmailed Vesper in “Casino Royale” in order for him to reach a measure of comfort (or, perhaps, a quantum of solace?) from her death and what was left in its wake.

    Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

  3. mhlaxp says:

    Something with “foul conquest” would work well if you can figure out what to do with the extra “ama”.

    I still don’t know that it would be as good as “You Only Never Loved Me Twice Again” starring Pierce Lazenby, in which, aided by an army of zombie agents, James Bond’s nemesis Brad Kristatos and fellow agent Octohead scheme to blow up a Chinese satellite.

  4. Dave Parker says:

    I’m afraid I’m always drawn to ones like:

    foul macaque snot
    quote of calm anus
    aqua c**t fools me
    no lust of macaque

  5. arkizzle says:

    Here’s the movie poster for:

    Fame Squat Uncool!!!


  6. kmoser says:

    @#10: Thank you; I am humbled by your praise and will continue to serve my Bond fan overlords.

  7. Baldhead says:

    I think the “piece of peace” interpretation is correct. This is, in effect, a revenge film, and revenge film tend to end on a note of relief as opposed to happiness.

    title makes perfect sense.

  8. codeman38 says:

    And I think Q would easily be able to invent some Fun Macaque Tools.

  9. jackie31337 says:

    cinemajay @22: Those are hilarious! I think I just got the hands-down all-time winner though: “The Man With the Diamond Pussy”

  10. nigelstwin says:

    But how is the film?
    The reviewer here in Richmond, VA totally panned it, which for me was disheartening ’cause I really wanted it to be good.

  11. jphilby says:

    How *could* you leave out

    Foul cam on a quest
    Futon equals coma
    A most fun coequal!
    Foes qualm a quote
    Mace on foul squat
    Scum onto aqua elf
    Flu on aqua comets
    Mu, squat face loon!

  12. jackie31337 says:

    Oh, and also “Quantumpussy”, the movie about Schrodinger’s cat.

  13. Takuan says:

    kiss kiss bang bang? If it’s kiss kiss bang bang no one can say they are disappointed. Kiss kiss bang bang?

  14. Anonymous says:

    For those of you that haven’t seen it, Joe Cornish (of Joe and Adam fame) has written a proposed theme song along these lines:

  15. spoooky says:

    Hands-down favorite:

    Toque of Anal Scum

  16. arkizzle says:

    My reading of “A Quantum of Solace” is:

    A Piece of Peace :)

  17. Belac says:

    Macaques Fool Nut: James Bond has to prevent an assassination attempt against former U.S. Senator George Allen, until it is revealed that the whole thing is a plot to drive Allen insane.

  18. drinkumbrella says:

    The original “Quantum of Solace” short story is all about James Bond at a dinner party, where the title makes perfect sense.

  19. BearsAssaultedByBasil says:

    Qua No Um… Elf Tacos?

  20. themiddleroad says:

    It’s definitely already the best named Bond film ever. Well, “Anal Cum: Foes Quota” might be pretty good as well.

  21. cinemajay says:

    Follow up to 9 and 13:
    My generator results…

    “Russia Can Never See Yesterday”
    …Alaska, however is always in its sights.

    “The Woman Will Never Come Only Once”
    if only this were true.

    “The Future Will Never Fight the Secret Service”
    …I hear they’re courting Dick Cheney to be the super-villian.

    “Death Kills”
    …ah, the zen of Bond titles!

  22. Anonymous says:

    In spanish:

    Queso común fatal (Common fatal cheese)

    Tu flaco nos quema (your thin burns us)

    My english is not so good to translate this:

    ¡Que malo con fusta!

  23. Versh says:

    Coma Squeal Futon
    Sounds like a weekend project, while
    Aqua Cool Fen Smut
    is an excellent band name.

  24. neurolux says:

    I’d rather watch Fun Macaques Loot.

  25. andrewkantor says:

    What’s wrong with the title? It makes sense. He’s trying to deal with the death of his girlfriend — to get a tiny bit of peace (well, at least revenge). [shrug] I always thought it fit nicely.

  26. kmoser says:

    Generate random James Bond movie titles and plots:



    Die Another Daylights

    Starring Pierce Craig

    Auric Goldfinger and fellow agent Honey O’Toole plan to corner the Russian diamond market with a stolen nuclear warhead.

  27. dunk3d says:

    Not an anagram I know, but here’s my poster:

  28. jhahn says:

    Reminded me of something I wrote years ago and forgot:


    I just added Quantum and Solace to the phrase lists.

  29. jhahn says:

    @#8: You beat me, and yours is better. I’ll go back to quietly lurking in shame.

  30. jackie31337 says:

    Here are some of my personal favorites:
    Aquas Cot Mole Fun
    Flamenco Quota Us
    Macaque Flu Snoot
    Canoes Qualm Tofu
    Aces Quantum Fool
    Facts Unequal Moo
    Famous Clan Quote
    Cumquat Sane Fool (really, anything with the word “cumquat” is automatically funny)

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