Radley Balko's morning links

Morning links from Radley Balko's The Agitator:

Washington's $5 Trillion Tab. "We’re now quickly approaching 50 percent of the annual U.S. gross domestic product."

Lobbyists Swarm the Treasury for Piece of Bailout Pie. "Then there is the National Marine Manufacturers Association, which is asking whether boat financing companies might be eligible for aid to ensure that dealers have access to credit to stock their showrooms with boats — costs have gone up as the credit markets have calcified."

200811130950Flickr set of NYC in the 1930s. "Was there a better time for style than the art deco era?"

200811130951Color photos of World War I.

Court Rules Against White House in Missing E-Mails Case. "Judge Henry H. Kennedy, a Clinton appointee, rejected the Bush administration's claim that federal courts lacked the authority to require the White House to recover the e-mails."

• Watch the clock in this time lapse video of a dog who really knows how to enjoy life.

Mobile treadmill. "The proud creators of SpeedFit are now looking for investors."


  1. Why would you want to promote a blog that opines:

    “If the theater director had been out protesting gay marriage with a sign and a megaphone, I’d see nothing unseemly about his termination.”

    In *this* country, firing someone for exercising free-speech rights is unconscionable. The effect is no different from cops beating up Amy Goodman.

  2. I did the math one day. I figure my italian greyhounds (miniature versions of the grey in the movie) are awake an average of 9 minutes an hour.

    Unless you’re cooking cheesepuffs, in which case you can’t put them to bed with an elephant tranquilizer.

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