Shiba Inu Puppy Cam

Puppppycam After days of resistance, I have finally succumbed to the cuteness of the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam. Live streaming puppy play, all day, every day. "The six Shiba Inu pups (3 boys and 3 girls) turned 5 weeks old on November 11th. This is the first litter from their mom, Kika."
Puppy Cam (Thanks, Kirsten Anderson and Lisa Mumbach!)


  1. Fun fact: In their native land these dogs go by the name, “Shiba-ken” (柴犬). “Inu,” is one reading for “犬,” but when combined with other words often takes the reading “ken.” As in Akita-ken.

  2. i honestly believe, without hyberbole, that puppy cam is the greatest thing in the history of all things in time.

  3. Have we overloaded the cam? I can’t seem to get a picture. Maybe that’s a good thing, as I suspect that if I could see it, the puppycam would be more addictive than crack.

  4. I didn’t resist at all. Immediately put in my bookmarks bar and then, like a complete goober, sent it to a half dozen people.

  5. They seem to ALWAYS be in the eye of the camera, all but one sleeping. Do puppies really sleep this much out of the day?

    I am suspicious that footage is being recycled.


  6. 1. I’ve been wanting to webcam my kittens, so I can watch them when I’m at work? At a casual glance, this looks like an easy way to do it, but is it safe?

    2. Was it on This American Life that I heard an essay about a guy who came close to starting a 24/7 puppy channel on cable?

  7. I don’t know if it’s recycled, but my shiba inu spends most of his day asleep.

    They’re the most cat-like dogs I know.

  8. I and many of my co-workers keep the puppy cam minimized and check it throughout the day when we need a pick-me-up. We love it! Long live the puppy cam!

  9. They never seem to spend any time with their mother, why? Is this normal puppy socialisation or would the mother usually be more involved?

  10. In Japan, you can both call this breed “Shiba Inu” or “Shiba Ken”. However, “Shiba Inu” seems to be more common. Also, “Akita Inu” is the correct name instead of “Akita Ken.”

  11. I can’t resist either and have to jump in. I have a shiba inu. They are the weirdest and strangest dogs in creation. I have had quite a few dogs, and was prepared for a buddy buddy kind of dog.
    But shiba puppies are nothing like other dogs. They burp after eating, just like a human baby. She still does, and she’s 6. Then, also, if given a treat, they will stick their tongue out as if asking themselves if they want it, and it may take a moment before they’ll take a cookie. Mine ran into my leg (she was acting rambunctious while in a playful mood) and banged her head. She retreated, rubbed the side of her face, and looked at me ‘reproachfully’. She then went to sleep in a corner where she doesn’t usually go, as if saying ‘I don’t want to play with brutal people…’
    As you can see, they are not only adorable, they have some very human like mannerisms (I harbor a secret fear that in their native land, they must have culled many of them in order to arrive at a breed with such a human baby surrogate behavior…just kidding…heh)

  12. Have been watching since they were little pups. So cute. My daughter in L.A. has one & what a personality that does has!

    For the comments saying they think the feed is recycled, if you will look at the bottom, sometimes it says “off the air”, and sometimes at the top it says precorded. The rest of the time it is a live stream.

    I check on them several times a day – don’t know what I will do when they are gone & I can see them anymore.

  13. I havent seen them for weeks – lordy they’ve grown! shame they’re not colour-coded any more though…

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