A Giant Collection of Nearly Every Obama Campaign Button Ever

Here they are in entirety. I lost count at a gajillion. For the record, I'd be equally fascinated with a similar collection for the other side. (Thanks, Geoff.)


  1. The button links generate an adware / spyware warning from my local system. They also seem to be forwards of the url listed under the button image. ??

  2. I don’t see my “That One 08” button, so it’s not a complete list (though I did see similar ones.)

    Ironic that the ad that loaded for me at the bottom of many of the pages asks “Did Obama buy the election?” with a picture of him frowning on it. I hate these “provocative” ads asking stupid questions just to get you to click on them, much like the idiotic “polls” asking which candidate would be more likely to cheat on their wife.

    I don’t know about the “Obama yes we can -but should we?” button on page 5. Looks like one the other campaign slipped in.

    “My cat is for Obama” is kinda cute (sharing the sentiment of Tommy@2’s fave), but “Babies for Obama” is pretty darn silly. Obviously O could not have approved of all of the designs. “Polar bears for Obama” works, though.

    I like “Another bitter gun-toting Jesus freak for Obama” and “Fight truth decay” on page 6.

    They managed to do “Dead heads for Obama” and “Mac users for Obama” with graphics similar to their logos but without actually infringing on any copyrights.

    The one at the bottom of page 7 that just shows O’s face and says “Thank you” is probably the best, imho.

  3. I have 3500 different Obama buttons, and that isn’t even close to the total number made. There may be 30,000 plus. So, do you honestly believe you have almost all of them?

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