Fetal Bites: America's #1 Fetus Cookie Cutter

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Jason Higgins, Esq. Jr. (aka Big Pig) says:

Hey there.

I saw the chit-chat regarding my baby. Okay, technically it's a fetus, but it's still my baby.

The photo that's up all around is awful, though. Here's the actual photo of the actual product. If you're interested in setting the record straight, be my guest.

I have sold some to Stupid.com, and so I imgaine that it's the picture THEY put up. I've been making these at craft fairs for a few months now, and always get a wide variety of comments from the folks there. It's been fun, though, to see the conversation spread.

My company (it's just me, actually) is Hogmalion & Company. Check it out if you get a free minute that you're willing to toss to the winds.

Right on!


  1. Needs pink icing. Maybe red licorice for an umbilical cord? Find the “God hates fags” nutcases and convince them to indulge. Then tell them you used real fetuses.

  2. Saw the same item last week on Salon.com. Boing Boing readers seem much less skittish about fetuses. They would probably dunk them in strawberry jam.

  3. “Okay, technically it’s a fetus, but it’s still my baby.”

    Some would call it a child. *ducks and covers*

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