Girl with a perl earring


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  1. bartoncasey says:

    If I’m a geek for getting the joke, what is implied by the fact that this image is most notable to me as one of the original demo images used to show off the Amiga?

  2. mjd says:

    Using the entire cover is spelling the joke out. Real nerds would get it if it was just the camel.

  3. Foolster41 says:

    *groans* that is terrible, and yet hilarious at the same time.

  4. David Carroll says:

    Hey! I am proud to be a nerdy geek. Now I don’t go to the meetings any more, and I only played D&D once in high school (and didn’t inhale).

    I do watch “The Big Bang Theory” and I get all of the jokes, and read all of Chuck’s vanity cards.

    This is my favorite reproduction of our favorite earing model:

    Physicist reproduces microscopic Vermeer painting on glass slide with a laser

  5. eti says:

    I’ve seen the original and I code in perl.

  6. jackie31337 says:

    It takes a special kind of geek to get this one. I sent the link to my boyfriend, and belatedly realized he probably won’t recognize the painting.

  7. Cochituate says:

    …but it doesn’t even look like Scarlett Johansson- I saw that movie.

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