HOWTO hack a index-divots into a Moleskine

Here's a nice technique for hacking indexes into your quadruled Moleskine notebook -- x-acto out little divots at the index points:

The squared notebook gives a nice line to follow for the cuts. Any tool should aim to exactly fit these lines, just to enhance the feel of the finished tab.

The very square edge is a little open to becoming frayed and bashed, so the tool should be a curved die giving a nicely rounded corner to the tabs. Either the square shallow tab as shown here, or a deeper semi circular version would be nice. I clipped only 5 pages at the start of a section.

Moleskine indexing hack tool (via Make)


  1. Awesomely cool idea.

    But I could never cut up a book to actually do it myself.

    Not sure why, but it would feel sacriligious, and I’m not a religious guy.

    -abs occasionally wonders if he has too many books, then after looking at the full bookshelves and the piles of books laying around the floor realizes that he still has attic-space . . . and thus proves to himself that he doesn’t have too many books. (as if the phrase “too many books” parsed even . . . feh)

  2. I use round, colored labels. (I realize that this is similar to the flag mentioned elsewhere.)

    Apply one half to the surface of one side of the page, fold over and press the other half of the label to the back side.

    These labels are available in several sizes and size can be used to advantage. Some of the label can be left to stick out for prominence.

    Over the years, starting with my first rolodex, I’ve developed a color code that works for me.

    I have cut into these labels (after application) with scissors to remove a triangular snip for extra significance.

    I like to hear about other’s experience. I tried to cut the edge on a book once, but butchered it, and never tried again.

  3. Ahhhh, touche.

    But my gut still rebels at the thought. I think it’s the hard-cover of the notebook that makes me squick. Makes it feel like a published book. I feel similarly about the bound blank books that some folks use as journals or diaries.

    But yeah, clearly I missed that it was a notebook, at least emotionally.

    -abs feels a bit foolish, but still thinks the Really Cool Idea feels vaguely heretical

  4. But emos rank above gamers . .. . and we’re all better than furries!

    (or so claims the fan-hierarchy)

    -abs is sceptical of the fan-hierarchy since it doesn’t acknowledge that authors aren’t at the top, they suck up to editors after all

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