Beauty mask instructional video

The best science fiction short video ever, only it's real. (Via Mt. Holly Mayor's Office)


  1. Every time I see something like this, I think I’d like to meet the people who thought it was a good idea… who, after finishing the video, STILL thought it was a good idea to release it…

    anyway, they make the world a more hilarious place.

  2. Looks like you use it to apply goo to your face, like an expensive version of a mud mask. At least the intent isn’t to wear it all the time in order to hide your real face and thus become “beautiful”. That’s what I thought at first.

  3. Is this a sequence from Saw VI?

    It’s the music that does it, you know. There’s something so… wrong… about the robot mask with the blinking lights when accompanied by Joe Cocker… wow, this is just made of awesome.

  4. I love the gasping last “…to meeee-eee-eee-eee” at 2:25. Its like Joe Cocker is trembling in terror.

    Also, why did they not have the mister put on one and the two of them could make out in their Terrormasks?

    Also again, I love how she puts it on while looking in the mirror and once its one she gives a cutesy little nod as if to say….Lookin’ good honey!

  5. Takuan@6: Very cool! I didn’t know someone made models of this Twilight Zone episode. Very well made (and appropriate for this video!)

  6. It’s like the beauty regime from land of the Stepford Wives, except every one of those women, after stroking their own faces and straps, was getting ready to grope the grotto. If you know what I mean.

  7. Crap. I sat through the whole thing waiting for the chainsaw scene.

    There’s 2:41 of my life I’ll never get back.

  8. Hehehe glad to see this creepy video making the rounds. Thought I’d give credit where credit is due though, Found Footage Festival. These two guys tour the country with their festival of random things they found on VHS tapes, and in the second volume they have this face mask video. The Found Footage festival is one of the most hilarious things ever, I highly recommended getting the DVDs or seeing it live if you can. They bought one of the masks and wore it to some kids dance show filmed in Chicago… I almost pissed myself.

  9. Batu B @16: Aha! I thought that looked like electrode paste. That mask runs a current through muscle groups in your face, making them rapidly clench and relax. It’s like a TENS unit or MyStim Digital Power Box, except you don’t get your choice of where you want to position the leads.

    Mark, you’re right: it’s a short SF video, only it’s real. It’s also completely creepy. Time to hit the Chmurka archives: I need a chaser.

  10. All it needs is a thin Guy Fawkes mustache and you’ll be ready to fight totalitarian dictators AND cleanse your pores at the same time! Faaaabulous!

  11. I know I saw this on the Twilight Zone once. After the mask comes off, she’ll look fine while everyone around her is hideous.

    Beauty is the eye of the beholder and all that.

  12. Notice that none of the models turn their palms towards the camera so you can see the little red crystal flashing there. “It’s almost your 30th birthday- time for the Carousel Ritual! Renew! Renew!”

  13. Hey, my band used this mask for an album cover a few years ago. Check it out.

    These things are a lot of fun. We used to put it on without the lubricant and see who could stand the electrolysis pains the longest. I’ve made it to level 9.

  14. I was just listening to Bjork’s Medulla album when I started the clip. It struck me as pretty spaced out actually. It’s remarkable how different music can make all the difference.

    I do that a lot btw, listening to videos of all kind with different music on; i often use to watch entire TV show episodes with different music playing to it and the video sound muted.

  15. My parents found one of these at a garage sale and gave it to my sister last year for her birthday (yes, we’re a little weird). No one could keep it on for more than about six or seven seconds without shrieking in either pain or terror and yanking the thing off. It has a very creepy Twilight Zone/Outer Limits/Tales from the Darkside vibe. Even the “off flesh” pink color of the thing is disturbing.
    NYLUND@31: Believe me, NOBODY is this color…
    I gotta go – I’m starting to flash back and I need a hug.

  16. Sure, like I have time to sit around and… ummm… (how long have I been sitting here with my laptop)… nevermind.

  17. So the idea is you place a mask on your face (that zaps you uncomfortably) which will make you instantaneously terrifying to anybody who sees you? And this… sells?

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