Gabe & Max's Guide to Man Style #2: Beauty Tips

Gabe Delahaye and Max Silvestri have produced another episode of their manly man beauty tips for These are delightfully creepy, and some of the guys in the studio where we produce Boing Boing tv have found them most useful. Are you in Brooklyn Thursday night? Max Silvestri has a message for you:

And if you aren't busy Thursday night, come out for an extra-special Big Terrific with me and Gabe & Jenny. It's our last show until December, because believe it or not we won't be making jokes on the night of Thanksgiving. We'll be busy seeing who can eat the most oyster stuffing without passing out. Spoiler alert: it's me. Also joining us for this pre-holiday celebration: * LEO ALLEN (two Comedy Central specials, SNL) * KURT & KRISTEN (Flight of the Conchords, Comedy Central special) * JON FRIEDMAN (The Rejection Show) * MIKE O'CONNELL (in from LA; Jimmy Kimmel Live, YouTube sensation "What's It Gonna Be?")

We hope to see you there! It is always a very loose and fun and fresh time. There is a party afterwards. That's pretty chill.

Thursday, November 20th 2008 @ 8pm, Sound Fix Records 110 Bedford Ave., at N. 11th St. Brooklyn, NY 11211 FREE!

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