IT Crowd third season starts on Friday!

Hurrah! This Friday marks the return of The IT Crowd, my favorite sitcom/nerd media EVAR, back for a triumphant third season!

Although Reynholm jumped out of a high window in the last series, his playboy son Douglas (Matt Berry) shows every sign of carrying on the family name (plundering the pension fund, putting flakes of gold in the drinking water, etc) and more or less takes over tonight's very funny opening episode. That leaves our IT-department trio of geeky Moss, lazy Roy and uptight Jen slightly overshadowed. But the sweet scene where Moss and Roy try some role-play to help Moss deal with park bullies just about makes up for it.
The IT Crowd (Thanks, Alan!)


  1. Oh god. I’m not sure I can cope with another series.

    I almost died laughing during the Gay Musical episode last season, when Jen turned around to see Moss serving at the bar.

  2. Awesomesauce! Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before it screens here in Australia on the ABC.

    On a side note, I’ve always loved the opening titles for The IT Crowd designed by the design collective Shynola, who also did videos for the likes of Junior Senior and Radiohead. Tragically, Gideon Baws died last month; a talent and life lost far too early.

  3. Yay. Y’know I’m sure there’s a lot of people who don’t like Boss Douglas very much, but as far as I’m concerned, nothing could be funnier than his introduction at his father’s funeral. At the end of season 1

  4. I love this show. Really looking forward to the new series – my favorite of last season has to be the one at the gay theatre. I was literally crying with laughter.

  5. Isabelle – I’m disaaaabled ;D

    (that’s funny if you’ve seen the Gay musical episode)

    those guys are onto something

  6. One of my best friends has been working as a runner on this series. It was his job to find quite a few of the T-Shirs :) He said its looking to be a great series. He also managed to make it in as a barman as an extra.

  7. I would love to be able to catch this show on basic cable in the states. I recognize the guy on the right from a particularly funny episode of Nevermind the Buzzcocks, a show that I’ve had to watch on YouTube. What network is broadcasting this in Britain? I saw a comment above, for IFC in America, but I have a few cousins who could probably record this for me.


  8. OH MY GOURD Diesel Sweeties made the IT CROWD??!?!?!!!?!


    Best. Between this and Chowder I could imagine paying for cable someday.

  9. Huzzah.
    I didn’t know they were making anymore and was prepared to live the rest of my life with only 2 seasons worth. Double huzzah

    But I assume they’re going to try and keep it within the kingdom like they did last time. So does anyone know a good website where we can commiserate each other over the lack of IT crowd (wink wink knowwhatimean)

  10. As they say in the parlance of our times, “w00ters!”
    Very good news, indeed.

    And while I agree “The Work Outing” episode is abject genius, I laughed so hard during “The Haunting of Bill Crouse” that my abs hurt for days.

  11. Yay! Very excited! I really wish that seasons of British TV shows weren’t so damn short. What’s up with that, any way?

    Also, any mods gonna spank that spam link up there?

  12. @butfirst:
    I went to the filming of the final episode and they did the Aussie trailer for it… that was only the 31st Oct so will no doubt be with you soon!

  13. Hooray! One of my favorite shows ever. Right up there with Black Books and Spaced. I can’t sing the praises of these and other great British television series enough.

    and @ #6 posted by butfirst, Thanks for mentioning the artists name. I always thought the opening credits sequence was a delight and I had no idea who had done them (or the Junior Senior Video, makes sense now). Very sad though.

  14. Got the Bit Torrent ready to download. If all works out I will be watching on Friday night Pacific Standard Time. I have turned so people on to this show.

  15. i’ve just watched most of snuffbox in youtube size chunks, and a couple of garth marenghi’s. i’m in full matt berry mode now.

  16. I’m in a place in my life where I could USE some more Matt Berry lovin’.

    I have been waiting for MONTHS for this! YYYEEAAAH!

  17. Scheit! What’s this? Can’t look at any of this unless you are running Windows AND you are using IE?! Somebody say it ain’t so.

  18. As someone mentioned above, it is playing in the US on Independent Film Channel (IFC) which is part of my basic DirecTV package (just because I am a cheapskate, all is not lost). They are currently running Season 2 on Tuesday nights and when they have run through Season 2, they will immediately air Season 3 (approx. Jan). So, it will be a couple of months later than our UK friends, but still! We have IT Crowd!

    “The audience clapped” [a review from Gay! A Gay Musical)

  19. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SESSION IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!! …I was able to watch the 1st ep on some Chinese tv web site….if this show was being shown on American TV, I would ssssoooo buy a tv!!!!! yes i am that sad….. ;p

    oh dear the gay musical one reminds me of an ex potential boyfriend!!! eeekkk!!!!



  20. Good news!
    I’ll have to order them from Great Britain but it’s worth it!
    You won’t believe how bad the German version of The I.T. Crowd is. Here’s a little example

    Also, ( might be a little inappropriate, sorry ), I thought I should give the fans and the whole community around The I.T. Crowd a little something to kill time until the next season or at least to keep it in mind after it’s down and made a Moss t-shirt. It can be bought here ( ).


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