A "magic" way to make money on the Internet!

Watch carefully -- this information in this infomercial will "magically" pull us out of the Great Depression II.


  1. boobly boob, boob, boob, magic, monkey.
    I think they show this commercial on COM channel to the guys that what the girls gone wild commercials.

    This also like the guy with the make money with question marks suit.

  2. I saw this infomercial on tv a few months ago. It was a whole day’s worth of cleavage stuffed into half an hour. Now THAT is magic. Three cheers for softcore infomercials!

  3. Argh. They said ‘magically’ so many times in a row that the word now means nothing and sounds all weird to me o_0

  4. Those websites magically spewing out of the monitor at the end of the clip just magically made me feel like I was tripping magically hard.

  5. I like the subtlety behind the font and color in “YOUR” at the top.
    My first thought was … Is this a Yahoo thing?
    I suppose you don’t try to rip off number one and make it look like a google page.

    … oh and boobies

  6. isn’t this whole spiel about selling people directions on how to set up affiliate sites and listing services?

    seemed like it.

  7. Goddamn it, and here I was hoping that I could make money with Internet magic, but all I got is cleavages.

  8. Watch how when we wear extremely low-cut tops, and lean slightly forward, (perhaps due to the weight of these boobs), our viewers become magically transfixed.

  9. Such magically maximized mammary glands
    What man could malign such matriarchy?
    ‘twould marshall his mast stiff as a marrowbone
    And maneuvre him to malignant materialism

  10. I was watching my local news yesterday (WYFF) or and they showed a piece on how to make money on the internet– the piece discussed ebay, blogging, and I think a couple of other things. Then, when it came back to the local newscaster, he mentioned as examples of sites drudge, huffingtonpost (then said something about blogs in general that I don’t remember) and then said “boingboing.com” (yes, he said .com). So, three examples on his mind, and you guys are one of them!

  11. Well, I guess the ways to make money on the internet are:

    1. Sex,

    2. A scam that convinces rubes they can make money on the internet with no actual work, or

    3. “Magic.”

  12. Re ill lich’s remark:

    I think you’ll find that option 1, like sufficiently advanced technology, is indistinguishable from option 3

  13. Thanks for stealing my video, CollegeHumor.com. Be sure to subscribe to my videos so you don’t have to wait 2 months to steal!

  14. They really need to put “Don’t be a spammer” PSAs on during Saturday Morning Cartoons so that the next generation will regard these people as the con men that they are.

  15. I just substituted “through a system of information exchange protocols” for “magic” when watching the video and it didn’t seem so stoopid.

    And are they slyly suggesting that putting pictures of boobies on the internet can make you money?

  16. Bear Stearns webinar video, 2007:

    [busty brunette in tight business suit]

    “Just think about it; do you really know how your money magically appears in your checking account when you make a deposit? If you’re like me, you just endorse the check and away it goes, magically deposited.”

    [busty blonde in tight business suit]

    “Exactly. And these financial products work the same way. Just roll these mortgages that no one’s going to ever pay back into a few big, bouncy, glistening, collateralized debt obligations, and magically, you’ve got an investment that Moody’s has rated AAA. And you’re on your way to making money!”

  17. Sorry Arthur C. Clarke, but apparently at a sufficiently high enough level of technical and cultural development, the human is indistinguishable from a rock.

  18. This reminds me. . . I suddenly started liking Genesis P-Orrige’s music a lot more after he got those boobs put in.

  19. They love that word, “Magicly”. What year is this anyway? It looks about 20-30 years old.

    I really hate any of those TV ads that try to convince people they can be rich instantly from their home through reselling houses (with seemingly very little work, like remodeling a junk house.) or buying and selling stocks. It always seems like a sham to me.

  20. I mean just think about it, do you really know how the internet works? If you’re like me, you just know how to type into the search box and click the search button and – magically – find boobies!

  21. For one, magic is never told. She seems to adhere to 1973 office politics, alienating women’s wisdom and reducing it to ‘can you see why i’m so happy? My sugar daddy is taking good care of me!’ rhetoric. Please.

    Seen from a mile away, in more ways than one.

  22. Well, as they say, sex sells. And people have been using sex to make money in various ways for a LONG time. I guess you could say it’s the original commodity!

  23. Hey, are you completely clueless about… stuff?

    Do you not know how… junk’n’stuff… works?

    Does curiosity make you uncomfortable so you quickly think about products you’d like to purchase and make it go away?


    Let me talk to you about an exciting opportunity!

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