Review of Bandai Gun alarm clock

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Boing Boing Gadgets reader Tucker Cummings bought the Bandai Gun O'Clock and reviewed it for us! He loves it as a novelty, but apparently as an alarm clock it, er, misses the mark. From Boing Boing Gadgets:
The Gun O'clock has all the fun of Duck Hunt on the NES. Which is to say, it's fun, but I wish there was more to do. Both game modes are designed for very short rounds of play, which I found tremendously disappointing.

The clock's display goes to sleep after a few minutes. The backlight turns off, and the numbers turn from red to black, rendering the clock pretty much useless. Clearly, this is not the clock you should buy if you are looking for a useful time piece. But chances are, if you bought this clock, it was for the coolness factor.

And there is plenty of cool to be found.
Bandai Gun O'Clock alarm clock review