Annie Leibovitz's new book, At Work


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  1. Wooster says:

    Leibovitz spoke at Portland Arts & Lectures this week. She showed pictures from the book, and then spoke about each. It was very interesting. I assume she’s doing a book tour, and I recommend catching the act if she comes through your town.

    She occasionally got tangled up in words, and would fall back on reading from the book, which was amusing. She explained at the beginning that Susan Sontag had been in charge of words, and she’d needed to work on her skills in that area since Sontag’s death.

  2. MrScience says:

    Synchronicity Moment:
    I was listening to an interview with Leibovitz on NPR yesterday morning, and was sad when I had to turn it off to go into work. 12 hours later, I get into my car, and the exact same interview is wrapping up… probably 10 minutes into it after I had turned it off. I almost checked the CD player; it was a very odd experience.

  3. Jesse in Japan says:

    I don’t think that that many Japanese people actually climb mount Fuji.

  4. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    She didn’t charge me for my signed copy!

  5. Takuan says:

    trouble with being famous is anything you say even once becomes part of your public persona. I see an opportunity in giving obscurity lessons to celebrities – how much should I charge?

  6. moloko says:

    Hot damn, Leibovitz and I both had the same first camera! Those SRTs are so lovable, I have about 4 now…

  7. stuartcw says:

    I have to agree. Most Japanese have not and do not intend to climb mount Fuji.

    Also, many people don’t stay overnight but start late to time their arrival at top with the sunrise.

    Climbing Fuji is a big leveller. Friends, that I considered fit, had knee and breathing problems while others stomped up to the top. The hop, skip, slide to the bottom is a chore…

  8. Digital Artz says:

    I lost respect for her as a person when
    She said “she charges to sign her books” while
    visiting a book store in NYC a few years ago.

    My friend that owned the bookstore went out of
    business as who the hell buys books from a little
    guy anymore even though his special collection were only” art photography” books,her pulling rank with my friend was ugly,really ugly.Kind of arrogant.

    He also paid for her books out of his pocket so
    that made her even stink more….whatever!

    Well famous or not you can’t take it with you.

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