Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan MP3s

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Aquarium Drunkard posted MP3s of the terrific recordings that two of my favorite songwriters, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, made together during three 1969 sessions. Several tracks were are even quadraphonic mixes. The Dylan/Cash Sessions (Thanks, Mark!)


  1. I first heard these on a FM radio show in Long Island NY last year. It was early on a Sunday like 8:30 am and i just dropped someone off at JFK Airport and i was looking to see if I could find a wierd Bluegrass show i heard another time and boom this was on. EPIC RADIO SURF WIN. Don’t remember the station it was one of the numbers that are usually set for public or college radio.

  2. The image on the left is from the premiere episode of Johnny Cash’s Summer replacement series on ABC. Dylan’s appearance and the duet are on the DVD collection culled from the Johnny Cash Show. Netflix it. Lots of other great performers on the set doing songs with Johnny… Joni Mitchell, Derek and the Dominos, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc.

  3. I’m pretty sure I was conceived to Nashville Skyline. That collaboration means alot to me.

    You can rent the old Johnny Cash Show and they are fantastic. Oh yes, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell. How about Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, Carl Perkins… He had them all on creating such an amazing time capsule of beautiful beautiful music (and video.)

  4. Aquarium Drunkard doesn’t have the whole thing posted. There’s at least one more track–One Too Many Mornings.

  5. I can’t get them to play either. Thought it was this damn Toshiba laptop to blame, though. Just joking!

  6. Johnny was the man. I loved how he seemed to reach out to artists from all genres of music. One of my favorite Cash covers was his version of NIN’s “Hurt”. He just owned that tune, probably because he’s lived the lyrics in his lifetime.

    I was honored to have had the chance to see him live at a county fair once about 15 years ago in NW Washington. Went as more of a lark, but it stands as one of my favorite shows. It was mostly him backing up his wife and some gospel singers but towards the end, Johnny took the stage alone with an acoustic and ripped through a bunch of his classics. Me and a friend were up front with a group of younger kids, amidst a bunch of older folks who there more for the gospel stuff, whooping it up like it was rock concert. Johnny ended up playing a lot of the show towards us. It was an awesome time.

  7. Can’t get them to play, either. Don’t even have a Toshiba/Windows excuse. I really want to hear “Ring of Fire.”

  8. One of my favorite cuts off the Johnny Cash Show DVD collection was this one from Ray Charles doing Ring of Fire. My son’s middle name is Ray after him.

  9. @#7: Ooh, are we doing that? Well, I got to see him at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin in 1993, just before the whole American Recordings phase, so just before it suddenly got cool again to be into country. My dad took me. At one stage mr. Cash said, “I have some friends backstage who dropped by to say hello…they were wondering if maybe they could come out and sing a song for you all…what do you think?” Then U2 trooped out onto the stage. The place went bananas. Remember this was before the big “comeback”; nobody was expecting this kind of thing back then. I later found out they had recorded “The Wanderer” together earlier that day.
    The moment that stands out most clearly in my memory is the one just after all the applause and hooting and cheering died down and just before they started singing. I was still wondering if this was really happening, were U2 really at this little venue, (think Muppet Theatre) and what were they doing here? when my dad leaned over and yelled at me, “Eh…who’s yer man in the hat?” He meant Bono.

  10. I freakin’ love Johnny Cash…

    On the other hand I’ve utterly hated Bob Dylan for quite some time… (he was ruined by an annoying girl who was dating a housemate, played constantly, loudly and always with the assurance that I’ll definitely love this song. [by far the best way to make sure someone never likes an artist]).

    I’m glad that I’ve finally found some Dylan tracks I’ll listen to by choice. Perhaps it will even take the edge off the hate and make me appreciate him.

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